Civil War Battles Demo released!


We are pleased to present to you our latest free demo highlighting one of our series. The Civil War Battles Demo gives those that are interested in the series, but not quite ready to make the leap into a purchase, the opportunity to try the game system out. But for veteran players it also provides a new battle not previously included in any other title!



There are three scenarios included - the intro, Getting Started scenario, then the full battle scenario and finally there is a "meeting" variation of the battle with the forces arriving on the map over time so that the battles lines will vary depending on player choices.


 The scenario editor is also included so it is possible to make more scenarios based on the included map and OOB.



You can grab your copy by visiting the product page and adding it to your Shopping Cart. You'll step through the check out process (again, there is no charge) and you'll be emailed a download link and serial number once that process is complete.



Again, you can head over to the Product Page to grab your own copy of this new release.


We also want to let you know that a problem was found with the latest round of updates for the Napoleonic Battles series involving the check for being Detached from a units commanding officer. This problem has been resolved and a hot fix has been issued for every game.

Note: If you have applied the 4.01 update already there is a small Hot Fix file you can grab listed under each game on the following linked page. However, if you had not applied the 4.01 updates yet, just grab the main update and the hot fix is included with it.

As of this writing we have not rebuilt all the installers, but we do plan to do that in the next week or so. So in the long run that will be incorporated with the msi if you do a new download of it.

See the Napoleonic Battles Updates page here to grab the fix.

We hope you are enjoying the games, and as the year progresses we'll have more news to pass along!


  • Richard McGregor

    Ah, what is the demo password?

  • Tom V

    Great little demo that would have been a nice inclusion for the Forgotten Campaigns title. The full OB is included, but unfortunately the small map area doesn’t permit the creation of a full campaign. Admittedly it wasn’t an action-packed campaign in real life, but it would have been a good “what if” of Lee’s last major offensive effort.

  • Timothy V

    When can expect the excellent toolbar color tabs on this demo and the Waterloo demo to be added to the original games?

  • Ed Toms

    I have all of the American CW titles and they are excellent!! For those of you that don’t own one yet I highly recommend them! I had two ancestors in the Union cav and inf and their units are very accurately portrayed with strengths, leader pics, weapons, morale, etc. Battle maps also accurately presented. If you are an ACW buff you need these games!!!

  • Andy Caldwell

    So grateful to be able to try this demo out! Thank you!

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