Wargame Design Studio provides ongoing support for products sold through this store and previously John Tiller Software.

If you have an issue, please check the FAQ's and Updates below or alternatively email our Support team using the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also send an email directly to - this is the best method if you need to send in an attachment.

If you are reporting a problem with the functioning of a game, it is best to include a save game file that illustrates the problem and will allow us to load it up - quickly define the problem - and fix it. This lets us see all the relevant information and removes any need for guess work on the programmer's part. A game file is infinitely better than a screen shot.


This is to be expected and should go away with time. The reason is, we have a brand-new code signing certificate going into circulation and up until May 20th, 2023, it has only been used within our development circles. All our software has been scanned and found free of both viruses and malware. As time passes and more installations take place around the world, the “reputation” of our new certificate will grow, and the warnings will diminish. You can confidently by-pass these warnings and install the software.

All games purchased through John Tiller Software are completely supported in the same manner that JTS has supported them for years. All games that were purchased through HPS Simulations and converted to JTS versions over the years are also supported. However that migration window closed in June of 2020. In short – if you have a serial number for your game, you are good to go going forward.

This is a multi-part answer:
* First off, you should only be doing installations from a digital installer. All CD versions of the games are obsolete and in many cases the file structures are different. They should no longer be used.
* As of March 2022 all purchase history from the original JTS store (Dec. 2010 - May 2012) and for games that were converted from HPS and had serial numbers issued have been entered into the appropriate Store accounts. You can login to your Store account from any page on our website buy using the link in the top right-hand corner. If you have any problems, open a Help Desk ticket with us using the form at the bottom of this page and we will get you going.
* If you believe an order is missing from your history, open a Help Desk ticket along with your order number(s) or serial number(s) and we will resolve the issue. It's possible an order was placed using a different email address. If you are aware of that, please include that information as well.

No, all titles and sales will be through WDS going forward. We are a fully incorporated company (WDS LLC) in the United States. All our titles use John Tiller’s game system, and we will continue to pay homage to John. If you follow existing links to John Tiller Software, it should route you to our new site at

No. Login to the Store and a listing of your orders will be displayed by order number with the included games for each order listed underneath. By clicking the word "Downloads" you can choose to download the installers again. Your serial number will also be listed on that page. An installer downloaded from your Store account is completely up-to-date and no further patching is necessary.

Absolutely not. Just login to the Store with your account and you will be able to access your past orders. If you never created an Account, contact our Help Desk using the form at the bottom of this page and we can get that resolved.

Yes, this is an error caused by an old installer downloaded from the original JTS Store (in 2010-2012). Simply grab the update(s) off our site, apply them then re-launch & re-activate your game. You'll be all set. Alternatively you can download an up-to-date installer for your game from your Store account.

Yes! Download and install the Menu Program linked below in the "Other Downloads" section under General Resources. Ensure you install it in the root of your game directory, which by default is C:\WDS. It will then allow you to access all your games, editors & PDF documentation from a single interface.

All current documentation is in PDF format. You need to ensure you have the free Adobe Reader installed on your system and set as the default PDF reader. To grab the latest version go here.

You should only be using a digital version of the installer to install your games. All CD versions are now obsolete.

There are a variety of challenges when trying to make a direct connection accross the web, the biggest being firewalls (security software). We can't give you specifics on each particular firewall, as there are tons of them, however we can point out that you need to have the following ports open for UDP/TCP traffic:

47624 to 47624
2300 to 2400
6073 to 6073

If you do this, you should be able to connect to your opponents computer and conduct a real-time game. People have done it successfully as of 2022.

Additionally, people have reported success using the application Hamachi from - it will allow you to connect up to 5 computers at one time for free.

For the 3D add-on maps for the Early American Wars, Civil War Battles and Napoleonic Battles games, the files need to go into a new sub-folder inside the main game folder. This folder should be named \Maps (note the s on the end, which is different from the \Map folder already in place). If you unzip the package to your main game directory and use the "Use Folder Names" option this sub-folder will be created for you. Otherwise, you'll need to manually create it and put the .bmp files into it.

Yes, testing has been conducted and the games appear to run without issue under Windows 11. We have listed Windows 11 as an officially supported OS on all our product pages.


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