CWB 4.01 & Order history migration update

Greetings all,

Today we have released the 4.01 updates for the entire 15 games in the Civil War battles  series.  There is some variation from title to title in what was done, but the common components are:

As mentioned in our February 4th mailing, this round of updates resolves the various issues that were unintentionally introduced with the 4.00  releases.

There has also been a variety of PDT adjustments such as:

  • Prevent Trench construction during game play for all pre-1864 battles.

  • Standardizing Trench & Breastwork construction, movement & protection values for 1864-65 games.

  • Standardizing Supply wagon movement rates on Roads.

Due to these PDT changes we recommend that you complete on-going games prior to applying these updates.

It is also important to note that you must be on version 3.0 or later for these updates to work properly. The file reorganization needs to have already been completed. You should not be installing from a HPS CD any longer...they are completely obsolete at this point.

We will be getting new full installers in the Store over the next 72 hours or so, but in the mean time please use the posted updates.

We have plans for the continued enhancement of the series as well for 4.02, which we think you will be pleased with. That would be expected sometime in 2023 most likely. We also have new content in development for this time period and hope to have that see the light of day in the not so distant future.




 Want to also take this opportunity to give a status update on the order migration project.  Back on January 12th we sent out a note letting everyone know we were beginning to enter all of the games previously migrated from HPS into your personal account history. We're roughly about 3/4 of the way through this, but still a good bit of work to go. Once the HPS titles are entered then we will move on to the original JTS Store records (from 2010-May of 2012).

The intent of this exercise is to make your life easier - so you can access your order history on demand without having to send a note to Support asking for things.

You can access your account from any page on our website, by clicking the little "head" on the right side:


Once logged in it will take you to your Order History page which will provide a listing of your orders and related downloads and serial numbers. Clicking the word "downloads" under each order will take you to the pages which will list the actual download links and serial numbers associated with that order:




Note: The only reason you ever need to use the "Save to Dropbox" link in the middle of this page is if you use Dropbox regularly and want to save your files there... if you don't, simply ignore it.

And one final comment on accounts - our store software vendor, Shopify, has told use they are working on a "Customer Account Merge" feature, so everyone with multiple accounts will eventually be able to have them all merged into a single display. However, we do not have a time table for that.  In the mean time - if you need to change your email address (which is the deciding item for making an account unique) - please just send us an email at and we will be happy to update your existing record for you.



We hope you enjoy these new updates and do know that we have multiple New games in development (hoping to have a couple out in '22) and also updates in the works for much of the existing there will be plenty of activity on the WDS site as the year progresses.

The WDS Team 




  • Chris Merchant

    thanks very much for the enhancements/fixes! I hope the mentioned 4.02 update might include a few AI tweaks… :-) Cheers

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