In the News – January 2021

Hi All,

It is exciting to start a new year and we have had a lot of media and reviews of late.


A big thank you to the team hosting the Developer Dialogue

It was a pleasure to talk to Jean the Strategy Wargamer, Matt the Historical Wargamer, and Eric Tortuga Power This wide ranging podcast went for well over an hour and covered a lot of both the work and ethos here at Wargame Design Studio. We are truly fortunate to be able to both work with and support John Tiller Software.

You can listen to the podcast on a range of platforms such as via your browser, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Do go and look at each gentleman’s channel. There is a raft of interesting stories.

With the release of Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 we have also had a number of reviews across a range of outlets. Many of these reviews have highlighted the difference to prior titles and the fact that this campaign has been rarely covered in wargaming previously.

The team at The Wargamer have been steadfast supporters for many years and their review for Scheldt ’44 can be found here: Wargamer's Scheldt '44 Review.

Mitch Reed over at No Dice No Glory also gave his thoughts on the title. He is a long-time Panzer Campaigns player and was clear on the differences between the titles that preceded it and Scheldt ’44. You can read the review here: No Dice No Glory Scheldt '44 Review

Another great supporter, Julio ‘JC’ Cabrero over at Real and Simulated Wars was a little more critical in his review, concerned that ‘less playability can lead to a shortage of realism’. JC raises a range of valid points and as designers we welcome all feedback as we continue to build the best products that we can. JC’s take is here: Real and Simulated Wars Scheldt '44 Review

Tim Stone, past of the Flare Path and now the head proprietor of Tally Ho Corner has mentioned us in his most recent A2Z under the letter E. Tim now has some review code, so fingers crossed he may have some further words to write on the title.

Beyond the release of Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44, the team have been busy preparing patches to update the Panzer/Modern Campaign series with the graphical and rule changes introduced with Scheldt ’44. The following are already available at the John Tiller Software Updates Page. Budapest ’45, Bulge ’44, Kharkov ’42, Kharkov ’43, Korsun ’44, Kursk ’43, Market-Garden ’44, Minsk ’44 and Smolensk ‘41. The Mius ’43 Demo, Moscow ’41 & Moscow ’42 should be released imminently. France ’40 is also currently being worked on and may have some additional content as well as scenario updates using the new rules included with Scheldt ’44. The release date for the next France ’40 patch is yet to be determined.

The other items we are updating in this round of patches is standardising all the scenario descriptions and redoing all the Getting Started documentation. This exercise was commenced after the first 6 patches were released, but we expect that we will do a final round of updates to ensure all are consistent. We believe the updates to the Getting Started docs is important as quite a few new players bought games in the series during the recent Winter sale. With all documentation being unchanged since each game’s original release, they are of diminishing value and probably confusing to new players.

With that said, if you own any of the aforementioned games, do ensure you update them to the latest versions as the visual changes alone should make it worthwhile.

Talk to you all soon.


  • Christopher Buck

    If you are ever in need of an experienced beta-tester, please contact me. I began playtesting years ago for Avalon Hill’s original Squad Leader board-game. I have also been a beta-tester for Bethesda Softworks and Matrix/Slitherline Games. I am no longer a tester for any gaming company. My main interest is tactical to operational level games dealing with World War II and the Cold War era. Thank you.

  • john kelly

    a warning appeared on my screen regarding the safety of your site — is it safe to download updates?

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