Modern Campaigns 4.02 Updates + Demo!

Firstly, don’t forget the WDS Winter Sale finishes on January 3rd! That’s only a few days away.

With it being the last day of the year, we are sneaking in the 4.02 updates for the Modern Campaign series and releasing the new, dedicated demo, Quang Tri ’72.

Today’s release will see all games in the series updated to version 4.02. The five Modern Campaigns titles are:

  • Danube Front '85
  • Fulda Gap '85
  • Korea '85
  • Middle East '67
  • North German Plain '85

As with the Panzer Campaigns updates, these bring both the UI enhancements, but also game play adjustments that make playing the games much more manageable - with variable speed settings for both A/I activity and watching replays.

The Modern Campaign updates are all version 4.02. These have been built based upon feedback and issues identified with the 4.01 roll-out across Panzer Campaigns as well as the recent 4.02 release for Panzer Campaigns France ’40.

The new Quang Tri ’72 is our next free demo title. Quang Tri covers the first battle of the same name when the North Vietnamese launched their Easter offensive after the United States withdrawal. Included are fourteen scenarios, a 1,400-hex map, scenario, order of battle and parameter editors. These scenarios are quite possibly the last scenarios John Tiller ever designed.


Here's some screen shots from both this title and this round of updates for Modern Campaigns. All can be clicked for full screen if desired.

Quang Tri '72

Danube Front '85

Fulda Gap '85

Korea '85

Middle East '67 

North German Plain '85 

You can grab all these updates from this page - our you can download new, fully up-to-date installers from your Store account.

We hope you enjoy this latest round of updates. We also want to thank you again for your support over this last year - we have much more to come!

Happy New Year!



  • Donald G Lazov

    All I can say is totally AWESOME!

  • Philip Jarrett

    Thank you so much for these updates and Happy New Year.


    Happy New Year!!!! Thanks.

  • Alan Sharif

    This is AMAZING. Downloading the demo now. Happy New Year to you all.

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