Naval Campaigns – Kriegsmarine Coming Soon!

Hi All,

It has been a historic and tempestuous month and our thoughts are with all impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. On a brighter note, we would like to announce that the next Naval Campaigns title will be Kriegsmarine.

This title will cover the many naval engagements that the German Navy participated in both the Atlantic and Artic Oceans. Where the Naval Campaigns Wolfpack title focused on U-Boat operations, Kriegsmarine focuses on surface forces primarily.

With over fifty scenarios already completed, actions range from capital engagements such as the hunt for the Bismarck, Battle of the River Plate and North Cape, as well as E-boat and destroyer actions. Expect a range of different situations including anti-convoy, interception and even the sinking of HMS Glorious, one of the few times an aircraft carrier was sunk due to surface action.

Kriegsmarine will also be the first Naval Campaigns title with the latest updates to the engine. When Wargame Design Studio was relaunched in November 2021, we mentioned that this series, Modern Air Power, and Squad Battles were yet to be upgraded. We can now start to show you some of the planned changes for the Naval Campaigns series.

We have a range of upgrades planned with Kriegsmarine to showcase the ‘first’ round of improvements. We hope to provide additional enhancements to this title and the prior releases in the future.

Finally, a request to the community. We would like to canvas for play testers for this title. We believe we need additional eyes to help us as we transition this series and we would love the community to be involved. If interested, please email Tim Schoen at

Here are a few sample images from Kriegsmarine. Please keep in mind this title is work in process and some of the graphics are placeholders, but it will give you an idea of what is to be included. Hopefully evident is the new ship models and other graphic enhancements. A lot has also been changed under the hood to handle some of the unique situations during the war in the Atlantic. We hope to share more as we approach the planned release date, mid-year.

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  • Clinton N Matthews

    very disappointed with a new “real time” game from WDS.
    I find it hard to believe there is a demand for this game.

  • Gary Bezant

    I would like to be consider for play testing this title.

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