Naval Campaigns - Wolfpack updated to version 4.01

Hi all,

With the recent release of Naval Campaigns - Kriegsmarine we have started to update the other titles in the Naval Campaigns series.

The first upgraded game in the series is Wolfpack, focused on the German U-Boat operations in the Second World War. With much of the graphics done within the new Kriegsmarine, it was relatively little work to migrate all the updates across to this prior title. The key changes are as follows:


  • New ship and map graphics
  • New map views, adding in 4 additional zoom levels
  • Implemented support for DirectX 11
  • Secondary Gun Changes - Adding a Secondary hit % value to the pdt to modify the base-to-hit equation.
  • Secondary Gun Changes – Removed parameter preventing firing at small ships.
  • New Range Finding Tool – left-click on main chart and drag to desired destination.
  • New “Current Target” indicating line on map during game play.
  • New Lua Scripting engine to enhance A/I performance. (No new scripts yet.)

Content Changes

  • Updated documentation.
  • Included the Advanced Guide by Gary McClellan.

Following are some shots from within the upgraded title (all images can be clicked for full-size):

You can buy Naval Campaigns - Wolfpack directly from this page

If you already own the game you can download the update from this link

We have plans to tackle the remaining titles in the Naval Campaigns series over the summer, so you can expect to see these enhancements in all the titles.

With the Wargame Design Studio Summer Sale entering its second week, it’s a great opportunity to pick up any game from this series in anticipation of the upgrades.

Thanks to all that have supported us in the first week of the sale, we hope you are enjoying your new purchases!

Till we speak again.


  • Kerry Fox

    Looking forward to the Jutland update. I just bought this title (along with Kreigsmarine and Tsushima) and – I’m hooked! I hope there are more Naval Campaigns to come.

  • Arthur Florman

    I see lua scripting is coming to the series. Will lua scripting be added to all WDS series? I’m currently trying to wrap my head around scripting using Campaign Series Vietnam.

  • Tony1stgen

    Not long after buying the game I get an email telling me about this update. What a great surprise, it makes a great game look so much richer, thankyou all for your hard work.

  • Harry Miktarian

    ohhh…nice update!

  • Andrea Galliano

    Great update, I was waiting it for so long.
    Finally I am able to fire the K-guns from the escorts!

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