YouTube Video: Introduction to Great Northern War


Today we bring you a new video with a brief introduction to the new title, Great Northern War. 
You can watch it here:


This  is the 10th video added to the WDS YouTube channel and we are slowly starting to build this library up. Over the coming months we plan on posting an introduction to each of our series of games, then we'll go back and add further videos delving deeper into each series. Our goal is to make these accessible to all - so each video is not too terribly long.

For further reference our channel is linked from the Support page, and then in the "General Resources" section - center link.

On this page you'll see not only our channel but links to various other websites that either have content for our games, post reviews or in a few cases other YouTube channels that regularly post WDS content. Specifically  SmartWargames & The Mack - both of which have significant WDS content. The Spanish site on the end has some as well, but has fallen inactive in recent years.

If you have feedback on our videos please feel free to share - either in the Video comments on YouTube, Blog comments here, or by submitting a note to the Help Desk.

And a final note - we're entering the final weekend of our Summer Sale... prices change back to normal at 10 PM EST on July 4th!




  • Francis Adelman

    In Windows, you can set your mouse cursor to “Inverted” which will make the cursor the opposite color of what you are mousing over.

  • Bob1304

    I often loose sight of the mouse pointer in the video. Try changing the color of the pointer to yellow or orange. Otherwise, the videos are a good idea.

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