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Hi everyone,

We know we're meant to be providing half yearly updates, but in the interim we wanted to share and get feedback from you on some proposed changes. The look and feel of North Africa was officially released in the Demo last year with the inclusion of the Mersa Brega (version 1) scenarios. We have stuck with that look for all the updates and posts since. Over the last week we have gone back and looked at what we had and decided that the current look was rather bland and that with a bit of time we could possibly get something that looked a little better.

We wanted to share with you the proposed new look and would love some feedback in the comments.

For reference, the following has been done;

  • Water is now Mediterranean blue rather than North Atlantic storm
  • Buildings are now more Middle East white rather than the more European/Russian look.
  • New ground texture (and colour). Very important note. We removed the colour graduation for height levels. This works in the main, but does make it harder to see the high escarpment, say near Sollum & Halfaya Pass. The Brevity images below show this.
  • New textures for Sand/Beach, Rough & Broken.
  • Revised textures for Brush, Oasis and Wadi

We're currently looking at Crete and there will be some tweaks here also - for example the water/shallow will definitely be replaced.

Here are some Gifs, that cycle through the existing graphics, new graphics and with hexes on and off. These should cover a fair number of variations in terrain. The first is from Mersa Brega and you will see the big differences in the sand and other features. Please note these were captured at 2560 x 1440 resolution and can be clicked to be viewed at full size.

Mersa Brega;



Mersa Brega 2;



Please give us your thoughts! (Dangerous to ask, I know!)



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