Panzer Battles Demo Upgraded to Version 1.01

Hi All,

Time flies when you’re having fun!

With the recent updates to the three released Panzer Battles titles (Kursk, Normandy & North Africa 1941), we have now completed an equivalent refresh for the Panzer Battles Demo.

This refresh includes all the functional updates included with the prior games;

Two improvements to the User Interface. The first is the ability to change the size of the in-game cursor. It’s very easy to lose the cursor, particularly with a uniform desert background. The second is a real time saving hotkey. When you want to currently look at a unit’s ratings you must right click on the unit image. This creates a lot of mouse movement. We now use the Tab key to show the rear of any unit and when matched up with the space key for unit selection, nearly everything can be done with a lot less mouse movement or clicks.

There have been several bug fixes including issues with the new window edge scrolling.

Additionally, new features introduced in the initial North Africa 1941 release are included. These are; the new variable objective victory points, revisions to the AI behaviour, new title specific selection screens, all new sounds, updated documentation and new toggles to show contours and slope hex sides.

Significantly, there has been inclusion of further scenarios. The Demo now includes twenty-five versus the original releases thirteen. The new content included is as follows;

The Mersa Brega scenarios have been completely replaced with the versions that were released with North Africa 1941. This expanded this series of scenarios from four to eight with the inclusion of variable victory point versions. (all images can be clicked for full size)

Chris Maiorana provided three new scenario sets, covering a range of interesting situations.

The first is five scenarios covering the battle of the Tartar Ditch at Perekop in the Crimea in September 1941. Both standard and variable victory point versions are included.

The second scenario set is in Estonia and the fighting around the Narva River in February 1944. There are two scenarios included for this engagement.

Finally, the New Zealand 28th (Maori) Battalions attack on Cassino Station in Italy is included, this battle also taking place in February 1944. This is a single, short scenario.

The Players notes have also been updated to include the new scenarios and some example formations.

This will probably be the last content we include with the Free Demo, but we do expect to keep it up to date with any advancements in the game series.

You can get the demo from the Panzer Battles Demo Product Page.

We hope you enjoy the improved user interface and expanded content, its pretty cheap way to get twenty-five scenarios!

PS. For all of you that have asked about the Dinosaur in the previous Panzer Battles Updates – yes this was an Easter Egg and it's lurking in the Demo as well!

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