Panzer Battles Version 4.02 Updates Released!

Hi everyone,

We are proud to update the Panzer Battles series to version 4.02.


Panzer Battles: Battles of North Africa 1941 was the Game of the Week a few weeks ago and with no issues arising post that release, we can upgrade the other titles in the series.

For Kursk – Southern Flank, Normandy and the Panzer Battles Demo this is a new 4.02 version and requires a clean installation. Version 4.02 is a Full Installer only, no patch from prior versions is available. The latest game build is available now in your store account on the WDS website. You will have to uninstall any existing versions and then install the latest to be up to date.

The bulk of the changes included ‘are under the hood’ and are important as we start to add new technologies, including AI, sound, and a range of data fixes.

Here are a few screenshots for those that have not seen these titles before. There is also a range of free downloads on the product pages.

Kursk - Southern Front


Panzer Battles Demo

If you have bought any titles previously, the latest game builds are available now in your store account on the WDS website. If you are missing a title or two, you can go to the Panzer Battles collection page here.

If you have any issues, please reach out to our Help Desk.

We hope you enjoy these latest versions.


  • Norman O’Shaughnessy

    Hopefully you have fixed the issue where a HQ tile can sit on an objective as hidden, surrounded by hundreds of enemy troops, and deny it being captured for the whole game.

  • Stefan

    Great news! I have great hope that there might be a new Panzer Battles title at the horizon. Some more East Front, Balkans or even Pacific maybe? Granted, East Front and Pacific already have decent coverage with PzC titles and Pacific leans more towards Squad Battles for most of the Island Hopping, but Iwo Jima, Okinawa and some others would for sure be great for the Panzer Battles hex size. And the same goes for the East Front – I sometimes feel that in PzC, the units are packed too densely on the 1k hexes.

  • Simon Kerry

    It won’t let me download says browser blocking harmful download ?

  • Dion Ritter

    Appreciate these updates. Even though it wasn’t mentioned, I’m eagerly looking forward to the Moscow titles.

  • David G Gray

    I have all of the Panzer Battle games, including the demo. These are not through Steam. Do I get the updates for free? And if I do, do I need to delete the originals and then download the newest version?

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