Panzer Campaigns France ’40 Gold updated to version 2.02

Hi All,

Panzer Campaigns France ’40 Gold has been updated to version 2.02.

Panzer Campaigns France ’40 Gold was released just before Christmas 2018. We have been very happy with the reception from both the community and reviewers alike. A great example is Bill Gray’s review on the Wargamer site; Review Link which really captures what the team were trying to create with this Gold update.

Like all mega releases, some issues have been identified. Some hardy souls looking to play one of the new campaigns found issues with some of the unit releases. This has now been corrected. A range of other fixes and tweaks have been done as further review and play over the last three months found them.

More importantly, the Designer Notes for all the new Prucha scenarios were not ready in December. They are now, and they really help players understand both the design teams’ intentions and considerations. The 56 pages of notes is accompanied with a second document; ‘Abbreviation Glossary’ that explains the acronyms for each nationality used in the Order of Battle or in general use in 1940. I can’t recommend enough, both sets of notes for anyone intending to play/purchase the game.

The notes are included in the 2.02 patch but you can also get the notes to review from here;

France ’40 Gold Design Notes Notes Link

France ’40 Gold Abbreviation Glossary Glossary Link

The patch in summary includes the following changes and can be installed over the JTS France ’40 versions 2.00 or 2.01. You can visit the France '40 Product Page.

  • Revisions to various Prucha scenarios and campaigns. Corrected releases and other historical variances
  • New alternate Stonne scenario
  • Corrected some erroneous unit graphics
  • Added road network where missing on the master map
  • Included the Designer notes for all the Prucha scenarios and campaigns (F'40 Gold Design Notes)
  • Included a military terms glossary (F'40 Gold Abbreviations Glossary)

With the upcoming release of the next title in the Panzer Campaigns series – Japan ’45, I can confirm that this is not the only game in the series being worked on. The very talented Mike Prucha and Dave Michas have now moved on from their France ’40 Gold opus and are now working on a brand new, late war, Western front Panzer Campaigns title.

It’s exciting (and busy) times here at Wargame Design Studio.

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