Panzer Campaigns Philippines ’44 – Pre-Release Reading

Hello everyone,

We are hopeful of releasing the latest instalment in the Panzer Campaigns series in the next couple of weeks. To prepare you all we are providing links to some of the additional material that will ship with the game.

For background, Panzer Campaigns Philippines ’44 will cover the Allied operations in the Philippines in 1944 and 1945. Both the Leyte and Luzon landings and subsequent operations will be covered, culminating in the liberation of Manila and the final clearing of Luzon in June 1945.

Rarely, have titles covered this battle and seventy-six scenarios of various sizes are planned for inclusion. With low unit density, inhospitable terrain and very large maps, there are both opportunities and challenges in playing the various engagements.

We are indebted to Akira Takizawa, a long term member of the Axis History Forum who provided us with both access and translation of a range of Japanese records, as well as insights into the doctrine and structure of the Japanese forces available. We are particularly proud of the order of battle for this title, with many interesting and exotic forces on the Japanese side. Akira also provided a lot of information on ‘who was where’ and it was obvious that the Japanese forces were regularly broken down and sent to different locations, rather than fighting as a whole formation. All these nuances are reflected in the various scenarios.

We hope the following materials will give you an idea of what will be included in game and the design considerations as this title was created.

The following can be downloaded from the indicated links.

Philippines ’44 Situation Maps: link

Philippines ’44 Designer Notes: link

Philippines ’44 Scenario List: link

Philippines ’44 Planning Map - Leyte: PDF     PNG 10 MB

Philippines ’44 Planning Map - Luzon: PDF     PNG 55 MB

See you at release time!


  • Jericho45

    KEITH. Yes, Thanks. Someone agrees. Also excited about the new title. And of course i,ll buy it. But i still dont like HtH only scenarios.

  • Iceman-TS

    Wow, that’s great, I can’t wait for you guys to get it out so I can catch it. Thk4ywrk ;)

  • Max from Sweden

    This sounds awesome! A title I will get in the future! But what exites me even more will be the upcomming Great Northern War title for the Musket and Pike series. Any news on that front?

  • Michael J Stefanowicz

    Philippines ’44 looks great. Will the naval battles around the area, (Leyte Gulf, etc.) be part of the game or will that be covered in a separate game? Thanks. The Stef

  • Clayton Martin

    Interesting that I have just finished reading Max Hastings book Nemesis. He covers both these campaigns at a relatively high level but sprinkled with firsthand accounts. Recommended read on the struggle with Japan 1944-45. New Guinea and Solomons would be a worthy title – possible Panzer Battles? I know, how about a hypothetical invasion of Australia in 1942?

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