Panzer Campaigns Rzhev '42 Gold Released!

We’re happy to announce that Rzhev ’42 Gold is the 6th Panzer Campaigns Gold release.

Rzhev '42 is one of the more underplayed games in the Panzer Campaign series. Of interest though, this Zhukov led offensive was viewed by the Soviets as every bit as critical as the Stalingrad counter offensive that launched at the same time. The linkage to Stalingrad is evident by the planetary names used for each operation. Operation Mars and Jupiter were used at Rzhev, while Operations Uranus and Saturn were around Stalingrad and on the Don. These major operations kicked off within a week or two of each other. The Rzhev operation started in horrendous weather conditions and hoped to emulate the successes that were being achieved at Stalingrad.


Like Smolensk ’41, Stalingrad ’42, Moscow '42, Kharkov ‘42 & Minsk ’44 Gold releases, the new Gold version of Rzhev '42 includes the following updates and upgrades;

The game code will now be standardized on the JTS codebase. There will be no further support for the HPS version

All new ‘complete’ game map

All new 2D & 3D map graphics

All new unit graphics and counters on map

All new unit cards

All new in game sounds; weapon, explosion, background and miscellaneous

Brand new Alternate scenarios created using Volcano Man values. Rzhev ’42 was the one title that never had Volcano Man Alternate scenarios created for it

New ‘modern’ toolbar icons

Code update – disruption no longer halves movement during the day and is reduced by one third at night.

Code update – reinforcement ‘place all’ has been migrated across from the First World War Campaign series.


Here are some additional screenshots (all can be clicked to view at full size);


Additional product information is here: 

Link to Panzer Campaigns - Rzhev '42

Onward and upward – we’re now past the halfway point on the Eastern Front Gold releases....

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