Sale! + PzC Updates, part 4

First things first - the Winter Sale starts now!  It will run from December 16th, 2022 until January 3rd, 2023 at 10 PM Eastern Time, USA.

All games that have been out longer than 12 months are reduced 25% (to $29.95). Only two titles are not included in that:

Rumyantsev '43

In addition to the discount per title, you can also take advantage of a further 20% discount if you make a purchase of $199.00 or more. To take advantage of this further discount you must manually enter the following discount code at checkout - BulkOrders - this discount will be taken off the contents of the entire order, no restrictions for any titles. See image below for clarification:

And now on to our new content...

Today we continue the roll out of the 4.01 Updates for the Panzer Campaigns series with a mix of Eastern Front & Pacific Theater titles:

  • Korsun '44
  • Minsk '44
  • Budapest '44
  • Japan '45
  • Japan '46

Additionally, a problem was found with the Kharkov '43 update, so that was re-compiled and a new version posted to the site.

As before, this continues both the UI enhancements, but also game play adjustments that make playing the games much more manageable - with variable speed settings for both A/I activity and watching replays. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the blog post which highlighted lots of these changes.

Due to the size of the series we decided to break up the roll out a bit. This is Round 4 of the planned 5 phases of the Panzer Campaigns updates. We'll do the final round next week.

Here's some screen shots from this round of updates. All can be clicked for full screen if desired.

Korsun '44

Minsk '44

Budapest '45

Japan '45

Japan '46

All of these updates plus the previous rounds can be grabbed from the series update page found here.



  • Kevin

    Thanks Rich! Update 4.01 is just great! Want to have it for my favourite title.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, the Bulge, and other Western Front title updates are slated to be released this week if all goes well… still doing some polishing though.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for all the amazing work. May I ask one question: When do you plan to release 4.01 for Bulge ’44?

  • Alan Sharif

    Durrr, my mistake. I am losing count of how many updates we have had. Your just too good to us.

  • Paul Walker

    Been looking forward to the sale starting and the PzC updates are the cherry on top. I really like the look of the 4.01 UI update. Going to test it out now. Thanks for the hard work. Merry Christmas to all.

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