Southern Front Updates


Today we continue the roll out of the 4.01 Updates for the Panzer Campaigns series with a focus on the "Southern Front" titles in North Africa and the Med.

  • Tobruk '41
  • El Alamein '42
  • Tunisia '43
  • Sicily '43
  • Salerno '43

This continues both the UI enhancements, but also game play adjustments that make playing the games much more manageable - with variable speed settings for both A/I activity and watching replays. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the blog post which highlighted lots of these changes.

This is Round 2 of the planned 5 phases of the Panzer Campaigns updates to be rolled out. We'll do another on Wednesday of this week, then another with the launch of the sale...and the final round the following week.

And just to give you an idea of what else we have in store - Modern Campaigns will also receive it's 4.01 treatment bringing it up to the same level as PzC...and finally Panzer Battles will receive another round of updates. All of this should be out before the end of the year - and will be free to all customers who have a serial number for their game.

Here's some screen shots from this round of updates. All can be clicked for full screen if desired.

El Alamein '42

Salerno '43

Sicily '43

Tobruk '41

Tunisia '43

All of these updates plus the previous round can be grabbed from the series update page found here.

We hope you enjoy this round of updates...and keep an eye on our site for more good things to come!



  • Alan Sharif

    I am getting embarrassed having to say thank you, over and over again, but thanks again. Christmas is arriving early this year.

  • Philippe

    Youhouuuuuu !!!

  • Ben

    Absolutely fantastic! I get the popularity of the Eastern Front, but these are some of my favourite WDS titles – great to see them getting the update. New dynamic toolbars and roaming mode are excellent. Keep up the good work

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