Squad Battles Version 4.03.1 Updates Released!


Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we have the next tranche of Squad Battles updates now available.

The titles being upgraded are Advance of the ReichRed VictoryWinter War and Eagles Strike. For the three Eastern Front titles, please note that version 4.03.1 is a Full Installer only, no patch from prior versions is available. The latest game build should be available now in your store account on the WDS website. You will have to uninstall any existing versions and then install the latest to be up to date. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this solved quite a few issues for us and allowed us to remove a lot of superfluous files and other items accumulated from prior versions.

For Eagles Strike that was released recently as version 4.03, there is a 4.03.1 patch available on the Updates page. Alternatively, you can download a full build from your store account.

In our Eagles Strike release article and preview article we covered many of the inclusions in version 4.03. Work has continued since the 4.03 release and a mix of both bug fixes and enhancements has been included. Below is a representative full changelog from Advance of the Reich with additions since the 4.03 release highlighted in red.

Advance of the Reich Release 4.03.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Performance problems caused by excessive redraw.
  • Fixed: Clear scatter result for the AI.
  • Fixed: Missing screen display & sound playback when there's a draw.
  • Fixed: Missing toolbar tooltip display for Charge command.
  • Fixed: Prevent Windows 11 CTD by replacing MCI audio with DirectSound on the Splash Screen.

Advance of the Reich Release 4.03 Changelog (not released)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CTD caused when displaying wrecked weapons.
  • Fixed: Stop all units being selected when toggling "On Ground".
  • Fixed: CTDs caused when using the "Target Units" highlight.
  • Fixed: Restore display of the Targeting Dialog.
  • Fixed: CTD caused when opening a new scenario in hot seat mode.
  • Fixed: Issue with Campaign Front End failing to invoke the game exe.
  • Fixed: CTD caused by not clearing the ‘spotter’ graphic when opening a new scenario or game file.
  • Fixed: Heavy Weapons tabs incorrectly displayed under FOW.
  • Fixed: Heavy weapon tab disappears when unit picks up a new weapon.
  • Fixed: CTD caused by "Target Units" highlight and single-use weapons.
  • Fixed: Ensure assaults pay the correct movement costs.
  • Fixed: Prevent Targeting on the Support Dialog when there is no valid leader by double-clicking.
  • Fixed: The width calculation on the Hex Info display now considers width of arrow buttons.


  • Allow sound files to play even when running at up to double speed.
  • Improved air support + indirect fire accuracy.
  • Weapon quality can now be altered in the OOB Editor.
  • Scatter hex for a leader now has an on-screen symbol.
  • Chosen leader for support calls now has an onscreen spotter symbol.
  • Set the assault cost to the greater of terrain movement or one third movement cost.
  • Allow hotkeys to be processed when the Targeting Dialog is open and has focus.
  • Adjustments to prevent invisible units being revealed as part of a movement attempt.
  • Put the Artillery no LOS penalty into the PDT.
  • Ensure the Artillery no LOS penalty is shown on the Parameter Data Dialog.
  • Allow the Support Dialog to be opened even if no valid leader or vehicle has been found.
  • Don't select wrecks or destroyed weapons when double-clicking on a hex.
  • When multiple weapons are selected show the explosion animation for the largest radius.
  • When multiple weapons are selected show the maximum range highlight for the largest radius.
  • Implemented changes to the game architectures in readiness for AI upgrades.
  • Replaced the Misc graphics with better versions.
  • Revised all 3D Infantry images.
  • Added new transparent bases for all 3D infantry as well as alternative versions of bases.
  • Added extensive background sounds and updated all scenarios to use them.
  • Rationalised and replaced many sounds with updated versions.
  • Added sounds to support the campaign.

Content Changes

  • Added binoculars, aerial recon camera, and demolition charges to the data files.
  • Added Soviet civilians and German and Soviet POW’s.
  • Minor updates to some OOBs.
  • Heavily revised the User document to reflect the additional capabilities.
  • Various Documentation updates, including removal of redundant files under notes and consolidation of the remaining files.

Advance of the Reich Release 4.02 Changelog (not released)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Weapon tab display error.
  • Fixed: 3D Display Bug - Snow & Mud conditions were not showing in all cases.
  • Fixed: Prevent wrecked parachutes from providing any vehicle protection.
  • Fixed: Only play crash landing sound when there are parachute landing losses.
  • Fixed: Remove landed parachutes from organization highlights.
  • Fixed: Wrecks should not be included as units that can retreat.


  • Updated toolbar wrapping code.
  • Support for double the number of elevations added (not enabled currently).
  • Support for new swamp terrain added (not enabled currently).
  • New 2D & 3D Assault and Automatic Cannon graphics added.
  • Several dialogs in both the Game and Editor are now resizable. Their screen positions will be remembered.
  • Options and dialog sizes/positions can be reset via a menu item.
  • The Weapon Data and Parameter Data dialogs are now non-modal.
  • Place All button added for reinforcements.
  • Always allow assault if full MPs remain.
  • Prevent invisible units being revealed as part of a movement attempt.
  • Prevent auto parachute landing from performing the superfluous unload.
  • Increase the number of org levels shown for arrived reinforcements.

Content Changes

  • Added Kaptain Simerov campaign.
  • Additional revisions and updates for the user manual.
  • New Summary Info manual (replacing the sqb manual)
  • New sqmap manual that details the map-making process.
  • New sqedit manual that details the scenario creation process.
  • Revised player notes manual.
  • New visual order of battles and encyclopedia as per 4.01 changelog.

Please do read the preview article to understand how these changes impact game play. Probably the most obvious will be the new process for artillery and air support as well as the all-new sounds in game.

With the release of Advance of the Reich, Red Victory, Winter War and Eagles Strike version 4.03.1, we have managed to update all the previously released 4.01 titles, other than the Grenada Demo. The Grenada Demo was not quite ready, and we have decided to not keep you waiting on the improvements for the other titles. We will, of course, post here once we are ready to release Grenada and any other new Squad Battles content.

We would love to get your feedback on the changes, please do post at our dedicated forums your overall impressions.

A very big thank you for our behind-the-scenes team who have continued to pour a lot of time and love into this series. We are all the recipients of your hard work.

Here are a few screenshots taken from the version 4.03.1 release versions.

Advance of the Reich (all images can be clicked for full size)

Red Victory

Winter War



Eagles Strike



  • David Freer

    Hi Geoff,

    Yes, Falklands and all the other games in the SqB universe will be updated to the standard you are seeing. That said, it’s a massive job, primarily from a graphics perspective and we only have a small team working on it. The Pacific titles will be next.

  • Geoff Holliday

    Just wondering if there are going to be any updates to the “Falklands War” as it is a Squad game?

  • Gary Stuart

    Loving the update thanks. Quick accessibility request – would you be able to put the transparent bases and nationality icon onto the vehicles as well. They really help these old eyes! Many thanks.

  • Ernest J Exner

    AWESOME! I love the improvements for Eagle Strike, and I’ve been waiting to re download my copy of Red Victory. (Now I’m waiting with bated breath for my Nam series updates!). Keep up the good work. Also, I’m enjoying the weekly sales on individual titles…except every game discounted I already own ( Currently already playing Battles of North Africa…ouch!)

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