The Guns of France ’40 Gold

With Battles of North Africa 1941 out, we’re not resting on our laurels!

Mike Prucha and Dave Michas continue to refine this release.

The order of battle for the ‘Prucha’ scenarios is completely new and includes lots of new components and differentiation between units.

An example of this is the artillery units. Mike & Dave have extensively researched the exact guns each unit had and reflected this in the order of battle.

With new components, comes the need to provide equivalent graphics. Mike has created all the new images, and this is the most artillery I have ever seen in either a Panzer Campaigns or Panzer Battles game!

Here are some examples of the unit cards in game;

The images that follow can be clicked for full size. Note the German armoured trains;



This game will be the next Panzer Campaigns game upgraded to Gold. Be assured that now that North Africa is out, we will be concentrating on upgrading the remaining Panzer Campaign games next. The same can be said for the Civil War Battles series which is being worked on in tandem.

We hope you have enjoyed this further glimpse of France ’40 Gold.

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