Wargame Design Studio to support and enhance John Tiller’s Civil War Battles

Wargame Design Studio is proud to announce that it has added the Civil War Battles to its portfolio of supported series. John Tiller has agreed to licence his Civil War Battles series with all enhanced and future titles to be designed by Wargame Design Studio and published by John Tiller Games.

The American Civil War is a real passion for our lead programmer Berto and he jumped at the chance to work on the game code. We have been fortunate that a number of the original Civil War designers have decided to help update existing titles and look at new release.

Here is some in game shots. Please note everything is work in process and there are known bugs. All images should be clickable to see full size.


New Toolbar;


Middle zoom level – 2D map;


Maximum zoom level – 2D map including new unit icons;


New feature - removable 2D slopes for those that prefer the original HPS look;


New hand drawn 3D map – zoomed out view. All 3D graphics were created by the Old Banshee team;


Hand drawn 3D map – zoomed in;


Here is a series of zoomed in 3D maps – in various situations;



Colourised leaders – at 100% size;


Colourised unit cards – at 200% size;


That’s it for the moment, we have plenty to do!!!

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