Winter Sale and Feedback Survey

Hi All,

As it cools down in the Northern Hemisphere, we would like to announce the Wargame Design Studio Winter sale.

 The sale this year runs from December 15th, 2021, to January 3rd, 2022. Like prior sales, all titles are reduced by 25% to $29.95 from our normal pricing. The only exceptions are the two titles released in the last twelve months, Panzer Campaigns – Kiev ’43 and Civil War Battles – Forgotten Campaigns, that remain at full price. The bulk discount for orders over $199 will also apply for all items, regardless of release date in an eligible order.

We are also including a survey here:

We would like to get some feedback on both the recent transition from John Tiller Software (JTS) to Wargame Design Studio (WDS) as well as some general usage and play questions. Please complete the survey if able and please feel free to share the link with others in the community that may not be on our email list or read our blog posts. We are planning to use surveys more in the future to get more community feedback as we shape the refresh of existing games and series as well as look at new titles.  We want your opinions and using surveys will be one of our data points.

You can expect us to share the results of the survey with you all in a future blog post and do use the comments section in the survey to let us know anything else you want from us.

Enjoy the sale!


  • Christophe ZITTINO

    Hi everyone,
    It’s pretty cool to have squad battles , Napoleonic wars, panzer campaigns demos.What about american civil war? They are so many battles to give it a try.
    Best Regards

  • Alex McCutcheon

    I’d love to see something from the Boer war, like Paardeberg with the Canadian contingent, or the Northwest Rebellion.

  • Ronald Gigler

    Thanks for the updates to the games that I own. I plan on taking advantage of the sale.

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