Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683
Vienna 1683

Vienna 1683

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In 1664, the Hapsburg general Montecuccoli caught an Ottoman army in the midst of a river crossing at Saint Gotthard and secured a major victory. That led to the Ottomans and Hapsburgs agreeing to a 20-year truce. Both empires were largely concerned with other affairs during the meantime. The Hapsburgs were facing off against the aggressive young King of France, Louis XIV. Likewise, the Ottomans would be busy fighting elsewhere. One of their foes in this time frame was Poland, as they fought in the far southern reaches of Poland.

By late 1682 the truce was running out, and like many other truces, it hadn’t exactly been fully followed by either side. The Grand Vizier, Kara Mehmed, was convinced that there was great glory to be won by renewing the war along the Danube, even if there was still a year left on the truce. Early in the year, it was becoming obvious in Europe that the Ottomans were going to strike north, though the exact goal was still unclear. Emperor Leopold I spent the early months of the year preparing his troops and gathering his allies. He was able to secure troops from some of the Princes of the Empire, most notably Saxony and Bavaria. More importantly, he was able to secure an alliance with Poland. If either one was attacked by the Ottomans, the other would march to their aid.

And so this brings us to the Demo for the Musket & Pike series of games. Vienna 1683 will allow you to control the besieging Ottoman Turk forces or the Alliance forces on the way to relive the siege. The intent is that this free package will give you a sampling of what the Musket & Pike series has to offer in the remainder of it's published games.

Vienna 1683 includes 8 Scenarios – covering the relief of the siege of Vienna, including a solo tutorial scenario, three large "full battle" scenarios and four sub-sections of the action to provide smaller scenarios. They all have been setup for both head to head play and vs. the computer AI.

A large map (22,500 hexes) is included covering the terrain north and west of the city where the Alliance forces approached to lift the siege.

The order of battle file covers the various forces that participated in the campaign with Polish, Bavarian, Saxon, Imperial and Ottoman Turkish forces represented.

There are extensive 2D & 3D unit graphics covering the major armies involved.

A Scenario Editor is included which allows players to customize the game.

Design notes which cover the production of the game, campaign notes and a bibliography that includes the sources used by the design team to produce this historical simulation game.

Vienna 1683 provides multiple play options including play against the computer AI, Play by E-mail (PBEM), LAN & Internet "live" play as well as two player hot seat.


Polish Assault
Vienna Assault
Vienna Afternoon
Vienna (Historical with fixed units)
Vienna (no fixed units)
Vienna (with the Polish forces absent)

Version 4.04.1 - 189 MB download

System Requirements
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 600 MB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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