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Hi All,

In our latest blog post we are shifting gears to the Civil War Battles series.

This series has seen some huge improvements over the last few years, and with that (the required adjustments "under the hood" so to speak) some unintended consequences can sometimes occur.  A couple of those things for this engine are involving LOS and Fatigue Recovery.

For the LOS issue, changes were made to prevent a player from seeing what the line of sight was from an unoccupied hex. I.E. they had to have one of their units present on a hex to be able to have this info displayed...and this feature was with the Extreme Fog-of-War (EFOW) optional rule being selected. Well, we're human, and those of us on the testing team doing the testing use EFOW as our preferred method of play, so we failed to thoroughly check this using just regular FOW, and a problem did exist. This has lead us to take further steps to enhance our testing routines to hopefully prevent issues like this being released in the future.

Another item was fatigue recovery. This situation was brought to the fore as we addressed a legacy bug that when the Night Movement Fatigue optional rule was selected the "first" side in any given scenario would have 50 fatigue points assigned to their troops that moved in the dawn turn, even though night was done. A change was made to the code (and is still in effect) that now assigns fatigue to units immediately upon an action triggering it (ex. moving during a night turn, etc.) as opposed to queuing all of these up and applying them at the beginning of the following turn. This change also impacted when fatigue was recovered, which happened at the beginning of the next turn. While noticed, we did not get the documentation updated to reflect this new behavior. We have since revisited the situation and made further adjustments, being, fatigue is still applied immediately upon the action taking place, but we are reverting back to the original behavior that in order to be eligible to recover from fatigue a unit must not conduct any movements or be fired upon for one complete turn before the check is made - which then get's us back in alignment with the documentation, and also the desired method in which we want the game to operate.

Both of these issues have been resolved and we are now testing the fixes. Once we are satisfied that we do in fact have things nailed we will put out a round of updates for the series to get these fixes in play for everyone. There's been some other reports of adjustments needed for Forgotten Campaigns which will be included, as well as some PDT adjustments and other we'll be tackling all of that with the 4.01 round. However, we won't be pushing it out until we are confident we have these things nailed, so your patience would be greatly appreciated.  :-)

And a little sneak peek of a new feature to be rolled out with the 4.01 updates as well - dynamic tool bars. Now you can use the "Filter" buttons to control which batch of buttons are displayed at any given time (or all at once). Focusing on Unit Commands, Map features, Highlighting, etc.

We have plans for the continued enhancement of the series as well, which we think you will be pleased with. We also have new content in development for this time period and hope to have that see the light of day in the not so distant future.

Game on!



  • Peter Russell

    I fully agree with the favourable comments on the new tool bar, and overall, love the improvements you have made.

  • Jeff

    I’d like to see the switch in settings for the Hand-drawn 3D map fixed. By default it’s always on and you always have to turn it off every time you start.

  • Tim

    Great look with the new toolbar feature! i’ve never used the new one because it took too much time to figure it out but this looks like it simplifies things alot. Thanks

  • Luigi Sternieri

    Wow fantastic Evolution i Hope One plement ti play with AI

  • Max from Sweden

    That new toolbar looks awesome! Looking forward to trying it out when the next updates are released.

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