Great Northern War Release

Greetings all,

Today we proudly bring you the release of Musket & Pike: Great Northern War! This is the third installment in this series and one that is sure to bring you many hours of gaming enjoyment.

Last week we gave you a preview of what the game has to offer...if you didn't catch that you can read that post here. This title represents a huge step forward for the engine bringing page upon page of new enhancements which will make your gaming experience more robust and enjoyable. Especially for Linear Warfare, some of the movement enhancements are absolutely huge - Formation Movement specifically which allows the movement of an entire command at once with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can read about all the included changes in the Changelog.

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You can grab a copy of the game right now - or continue reading...

This title has a long and winding development road. It started as a mod Rolf Hall put together back in 2005 or so and as conversations happened we decided to make it into a full game. At the time the Musket & Pike series was still on the drawing board with Renaissance being the proposed first title and GNW was a natural to plug right into that line. But, as luck would have it, life presented various twists and turns in the path and the production process crawled along. Renaissance made it out the door, followed by Seven Years War many years later, but resources were limited and this series fell down the priority list. After John passed and WDS took over operations, teams were fleshed out and new resources were brought into play, most noticeably on the programming side, which allowed development to resume. Today you see the fruit of that labor which will be rolled out to the previous two titles in the near future. It has also allowed work to continue on a variety of other's a bit early to share specifics now, but the plan is for the next title in this series to be released before years end. 

A note on time periods... the title for this series was specifically chosen as "Musket & Pike", not "Pike & Shot" or some other mixture...we did this to have a relatively wide window to operate in. As has already been illustrated by published titles, we plan for this series to cover topics ranging from the 1400's through the late 1700's, just before the Napoleonic period. This allows us to make the most of the programming resources we have and provide continued enhancements to existing titles.

This has been a truly international development team stretching around the world. We have team members from the U.K., Sweden, Germany, the U.S., Australia and various other points around the globe. For those not of Scandinavian decent some of the words will be a challenge here, but we've aimed for authenticity - not necessarily ease of use for a certain customer base. We hope this leads you to investigate some good reading material to flesh out your knowledge of both the time period and the region.

A reminder of the tie-in mentioned in our preview last week. For everyone who purchases the game in the first 30 days you will receive an email with a discount code to be used with Helion & Company, who have many books on both this topic and a wide range of others.

We hope you enjoy this latest release, enough so that you'll tell your friends!  Great Northern War is now active in our Store!



  • Alan Sharif

    Another title in the series before years end! Titles ranging from 1400 to just before the Napoleonic period! My god you are spoiling us.

  • Jericho45

    Splendid. I am forever grateful. Excellent choice of subject.

  • Robert Ebert III

    Congratulations to your team.

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