Japan ’45 & Japan ‘46 Updates – Released

Hi All,

Welcome to our 75th blog post! Yes, we know the frequency has slowed down, but the work hasn’t!

Today we’re releasing the latest updates for Panzer Campaigns Japan ’45 & Japan ’46.

With the first title out just over a year ago, we have corrected a lot of issues and tweaked quite a few values based upon feedback and our own review. Ed ‘Volcanoman’ Williams author of both the First World War Campaigns series and much of the new content in the Panzer Campaign Gold releases, cast his critical eye over both games and made some very pertinent suggestions. These fixes are all now in both games.

Additionally, we took the opportunity to standardise the Parameter Data for both games and create a standard for the Asian sphere of operations. This will help us with future games.

We have also included brand new game and editor manuals that will be available for all to download soon. These manuals have been reviewed, reordered and expanded. A lot of new features have been added to the game system and we have ensured all our now covered in the manuals. Here are some sample images, including content from the User manual (all can be clicked for full size)

Links to change files Japan '45 Product Page      Japan '46 Product Page

Links to manual downloads Link to the latest manual

Finally, we need your help with both Japan titles. Many people have not realised that the second title (Japan ’46) is a new (and bigger) title and that they both cover the different operations of Olympic and Coronet. Sales of Japan ’46 have been about 50% of Japan ’45 and we believe that people are missing out on a really interesting simulation. Please help us get the word out there!

Talk to all soon.

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