Naval Campaigns 4.02 Updates


Today we bring you a new round of updates for the Naval Campaigns series! We're still testing two titles, but the following 4 games advance to version 4.02 today:

  • Guadalcanal
  • Kriegsmarine
  • Midway
  • Wolfpack

As noted in our preview blog post, some issues were discovered after the release of Kriegsmarine and the 4.01 update for Wolfpack. So we took the time to not only add in the new graphical enhancements, but also address those issues - and some lingering problems that had existed in Midway for quite some time. And, as usual, we've added some new functionality to boot!

Here's the Midway Patch 4.02 Changelog

• New ship and map graphics
• New map views, adding in 4 additional zoom levels
• Implemented support for DirectX 11
• Secondary Gun Changes - Adding a Secondary hit % value to the pdt to modify the base-to-hit equation.
• Secondary Gun Changes – Removed parameter preventing firing at small ships.
• New Range Finding Tool – left-click on main chart and drag to desired destination.
• New “Current Target” indicating line on map during game play for both ships and aircraft.
• New Lua Scripting engine to enhance A/I performance. (No new scripts yet.)
• Absolute Heading added to Range Tool.
• All Messages are now on the Main Chart display.
• Added support for PNG flag files.
• Added minimum aircraft torpedo range circle to Main Chart display.
• Location markers are now map targets.
• Added “P” Hotkey for Packages Dialog.
• Added “B” Hotkey for Aircraft on Board Dialog.
• Added “I” Hotkey for Alternative Interface.
• Adjusted A/I Strike logic.

Bug Fixes
• Fix for Air delivered A/I torpedo attack issues.
• Fix for A/I controlled submarines not submerging once contact is made.
• Fix for Marker text being visible even when FOW is enabled.
• Fix for no damage being caused by Depth Charges.
• Fix for A/I firing routines when a flight attacks a ship with torpedoes.
• Fix for Aircraft targeting routines to retain “main” target and not go after secondaries.
• Fix for A/I search pattern logics.
• Fix for Strike Dialog not showing chosen location marker while editing strike.
• Fix for Package / Mission corruption bug.

Content Changes
• Updated documentation.
• Included the Advanced Guide by Gary McClellan.

All of these updates can be grabbed now from our website, under the Support heading - then the Naval series update page.

A couple more things we want to highlight before we share some screen shots:

Version Numbers - we have changed the way version numbers are handled with the launch of WDS... every game in the catalog went to 4.00 at that time. Generally speaking we will increment to 4.01, 4.02 etc. - however the version number equates to the level the engine is at for that series, not the number of updates for the specific game. The Naval series is a prime case and point...

v.4.00 - the launch of WDS

v. 4.01 - release of Kriegsmarine, new features, version level change.

v. 4.02 - bug fixes and new features, another version change.

So, Midway moved to 4.00 with all the others, but never got a 4.01 update as problems were found prior to it being released - so it is jumping direct to 4.02. Again, that means all games with the same version number have the same features, rule sets, etc.

It is also worth noting that a version number is specific to a series. So, v. 4.01 for the Naval series has no relation to v. 4.01 for the Napoleonic series for example. Each series stands by itself.

All games in the Store have been updated with the latest version - so when you make a new purchase, or download a new copy of the installer from your Store Account, you are getting the latest and greatest with no further patching needed.

Next is a reminder about the new Official Forums... you are always welcome to post comments on the blog posts, but the best place to post and get answers to your questions is the forums -

There are many different sub-forums there to discuss the games and even find opponents... so definitely suggest you swing in and take a look. Registration is only required if you want to post.


Ok, without further ado, here's some screen shots from each of the 4 games updated today. Images may be clicked for full size viewing.













We hope you enjoy these new updates... enjoy them enough to tell your friends!



  • Thomas Richard Pytel

    Thanks for keeping these games alive and viable..

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve been waiting for this update since the summer sale. I’d picked up Guadalcanal to go with my already owned Midway and I’m two hours in with Guadalcana, and loving it! Great engine fixes and the visuals are outstanding. As always WDS is setting the pace. Thank you! Glen

  • Leonard Lewis

    You continue to amaze me. These and other updates to older games in my Library are fantastic. JT would be proud. And, by the way, you have the very best people in Support. Your games will remain on my PC, always. Thank you.

  • Kerry Fox

    Did a small Midway scenario last night, really enjoyed the zoom in for picking a flight of aircraft for ship targeting purposes. Much easier with the extreme zoom in!

  • Paul Sanders

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! By the way, did I remember to say “Thank you”?

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