Naval Campaigns Update Sneak Peek

Hello all,

Things continue apace here, and we have a solid pipeline of updates planned for the next couple of months. We expect the next series to get a little more polish is Naval Campaigns.

With the release in May 2022, of Kriegsmarine, (read more here) there was a significant improvement in the overall presentation of this title compared to the previously released games. Subsequently, Wolfpack was updated to the same standard as Kriegsmarine, you can get more information here

As mentioned in our most recent quarterly review we have been working on both Midway and Guadalcanal Naval Battles. With a number of issues identified after the release of Kriegsmarine and Wolfpack, we will be updating all six released titles to version 4.02. We will share more on what is included once the 4.02 patches are ready.

The positive news is that Jutland and Tsushima have also been updated to the same standard and all titles are now in internal Q&A. Assuming all goes well during review, we will be providing all the patches at the same time.

With the updates being readied for release we thought we would share some screenshots from the titles not yet bought up to Kriegsmarine standard.

Enjoy! (All images can be clicked for full size.)



Guadalcanal Naval Battles


We hope you have enjoyed this quick look at where we are taking the Naval Campaigns series. We hope to have the updates in your hands very soon!


  • Tony G

    What a wonderful job you have all done to enhance these great titles. I’ve noticed a few more youtubers are uploading videos of yours games, hopefully there will be more which will help others to discover all the title you have on offer. Thankyou for all your hard work.

  • Joe Lee

    After “Kriegsmarine” I’m looking forward to “Guadalcanal Naval Battles”. The update look awesome and add some much needed chrome to the games.

    Thank you,

  • Anonymous

    I’m so pumped! I’ve been reading Neptunes Inferno – the naval battles around Guadalcanal, in preparation. This is gong to be some serious gaming goodness!!

  • Harry Miktarian

    …been looking forward to a Midway update for years! Looking good!

  • Brett Wychopen

    It looks great!

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