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Hi All,

Sorry for the slower blog traffic of late – it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!!!

We would like to update you on a range of projects over the next couple of weeks. This week’s blog will cover off the Panzer Campaigns series of games, the next post will update you on Panzer Battles and the final one will include a significant announcement.


We have been working with John Tiller Software to relaunch the Panzer Campaigns series of games. Currently there are 21 games released to date with 11 covering the Eastern Front, 5 on the Western Front and 5 in the Mediterranean/North Africa. The full list in release order is below;

Panzer Campaigns 01; Smolensk ‘41

Panzer Campaigns 02; Normandy ‘44

Panzer Campaigns 03; Kharkov ‘42

Panzer Campaigns 04; Tobruk ‘41

Panzer Campaigns 05; Bulge ‘44

Panzer Campaigns 06; Korsun ‘44

Panzer Campaigns 07; Kursk ‘43

Panzer Campaigns 08; Sicily ‘43

Panzer Campaigns 09; Rzhev ‘42

Panzer Campaigns 10; Market Garden ‘44

Panzer Campaigns 11; El Alamein ‘42

Panzer Campaigns 12; France ‘40

Panzer Campaigns 13; Salerno ‘43

Panzer Campaigns 14; Moscow ‘41

Panzer Campaigns 15; Stalingrad ‘42

Panzer Campaigns 16; Budapest ‘45

Panzer Campaigns 17; Minsk ‘44

Panzer Campaigns 18; Sealion ‘40

Panzer Campaigns 19; Kharkov ‘43

Panzer Campaigns 20; Tunisia ‘43

Panzer Campaigns 21; Moscow ‘42


As can be seen, the series to date have covered many of the iconic battles from World War 2 and represent 13 years of released games from John Tiller during the period of 1999 to 2012.

Though very well loved for the breadth of scenarios and depth of research, the games are in dire need of an update. With that in mind we’re looking to release the ‘Gold Series’ for Panzer Campaigns.

It’s intended that the Gold Series will include the following;

  • The latest patches bringing all games up to the same standard
  • All new map 2D & 3D graphics
  • All new unit graphics and counters on map
  • All new unit cards
  • All new in game sounds; weapon, explosion, background, miscellaneous
  • All expansion pack scenarios (Smolensk ’41)
  • All Volcano Man scenarios
  • New scenarios
  • Map updates
  • Possibly some UI enhancements (not committed to at this point)

We’re yet to determine how these will come to market but I expect there to be a full version for sale via John Tiller’s site with possible broader distribution. We’re also looking at how to distribute the new games to existing owners, either via patch or as a complete new installation. For simplicity, we would prefer the later but need to discuss the mechanics with JTS.

Currently, we have been focused on completing the Eastern Front games first. Seven of the eleven are done and work on the eighth is about to commence. The focus will swing to the other theatres after that. We have focused on theatres as it’s quicker to reuse graphics across associated titles.


Here are some screenshots;

Smolensk ’41 will include an enhanced map. The original map was very plain with few named locations and missing features. One of our designers is upgrading the existing map with much more details. I expect this detail for Smolensk will end up in the related map sections of Moscow ’42 and Minsk ‘44

Original map;

And the new version;

Maximum 2D zoom out level for the Don Bend from Stalingrad ’42;

2D mid zoom level for the Don Bend from Stalingrad ’42;

And here is a 2D maximum zoomed in section of the map;

The winter graphics have also been enhanced. Here is the 2D mid zoom level at Stalingrad;

And at the maximum 2D zoom;

Using the two prior pictures as examples, new graphical icons are now included to replace the default NATO symbols if preferred. 2D mid zoom level;

And again, at maximum 2D zoom;


A lot of work has gone into revamping the 3D graphics. These were rarely used by players, but are certainly in a better state now.

Here is the zoomed-out 3D with counters on it;

And the same shot with the new icons;

And now zoomed-in with counters;

And the new icons;


Here is a little more detail (at 200%) of the individual units;


The winter graphics for 3D have all been adjusted. Here is the zoomed in 3D view with counters;


And the same shot with icons;


Here are some examples of new in game units (the Romanians). Shown at 100%;

And at 200% size;


And here is a brand-new campaign scenario that has been created for Kharkov ’42 by César ‘Indragnir’ Librán Moreno. This section shows The Soviet setup for the northern pincer towards Kharkov. César has used a lot of additional research to completely create a new version of the Kharkov ’42 scenario;

Here is the southern pincer ready to attack northwards towards Kharkov;

And finally, the German forces that we massing around in the south at Slavyansk preparing for Operation Fredericus;

This is a big project and everything shown is work in process, but we wanted to share what had been done to date. The Panzer Campaign games are such a strong series that we wanted to put the time in and update them to be more aesthetically pleasing both graphically and aurally.

We do not want to release them piecemeal so there is still a bit of a wait, but we thought it important to show the progress to date. Until next post...

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