Panzer Campaigns Gold - the Western & Mediterranean Fronts

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With all the Eastern Front titles now upgraded to Gold status, I thought it time to set expectations around the remaining titles.

There are 5 titles each for the Western Front & Mediterranean. Work has commenced on converting these, but new work on titles such as Panzer Battles 3 is taking precedence.

In many cases, we have the bulk of the artwork available, but it is still a lengthy project to convert existing titles. Fortunately, artwork from both Panzer Battles Normandy and the new North Africa title is filling a lot of gaps already.

Though not our top priority, we do now have a few dedicated souls that are helping with the upgrades and enhancements for these remaining Panzer Campaigns titles.

Here is a screen shot from an early version of Normandy ’44;

As was probably noted in the Eastern Front Gold releases, in a few cases we’ve included additional scenarios beyond what was originally shipped and the Volcano Mods.

We’re looking at the same thing for the remaining titles and one title that will be significantly upgraded is France ‘40.

Have a look at these jump maps and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is being added for the Gold release.

Here are the new France-Holland maps with and without units;

With the inclusion of Holland, a brand-new campaign and many smaller scenarios will be added, ensuring that a more complete 1940 campaign on the continent can be simulated. A lot of order of battle and scenario work is already completed and we are much of the way through the new graphics. The Dutch will obviously play a bigger part as will the Fallschirmjaeger attacks the Germans employed in their Holland invasion plans. The 'fragile nation' rule from Prussia '14 in the First World War Campaign series has been added and will impact the French, Belgians and Dutch. This will be a first for the Panzer Campaigns series and will probably be used for the Italians in the Desert titles. A new team member Mike Prucha has driven the bulk of the France '40 new scenario & OOB work, while David Michas created the new map - we owe them both a big thank you for what they have bought to this title.

Here are a few sample shots from the new France ’40 Gold edition;

Here is a few sample unit images;

We expect to have the remaining Panzer Campaigns titles upgraded during 2018, but the pace will be slower than the timing that was seen for the Eastern Front. It’s all about balancing building new titles vs upgrading previously released games.

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