Short Cuts Keys & Tool Bars



The new tool bars and short cut keys are the initial changes planned for the game user interface.

We thought we would use this Blog Post to share what action each icon and short cut key represented.

There is some logic been applied to both. For example;

  • Yellow Icons represent an irreversible game action - such as next turn
  • Grey Icons are game administratve functions such as Save game.
  • Red Icons are a 'Doing' action where you change a unit's state. Usually, these are tied to a Ctrl + shortcut so that you have to consciously decide to select the action
  • Blue Icons are usually Dialogs or reports. They normally have an Alt + shortcut. In the case of air and artillery they use Ctrl + shortcuts due to the potential changing of a units state
  • Light Brown Icons are for engineering functions
  • Green icons are informational actions and will normally be a single key press. These actions do not change the game state and the vast majority are an on/off toggle


Here is the full list of Icons with description and the applicable short cut keys in red;

Icons 1

Icons 2

Icons 3

Icons 4

Icons 5

Icons 6

Icons 7

Icons 8


Icons 9

Icons 10


Till the next update...



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