Squad Battles Winter War - Visual Order of Battle Preview

Hi all,

We know you are all waiting for the incoming Squad Battles 4.01 Upgrades. Not long now!


To ease the wait, we wanted to show you some of the new content that will come with each game and be available for free for anyone with a passing interest.

The idea of the Visual Order of Battle was conceived by Mike Avanzini while working on the first Panzer Battles title. So much effort had gone into building a detailed order of battle as well as the graphics to represent it, that we realised providing a visual representation would be cool. Subsequently all three Panzer Battles titles have included this feature. If interested here are the links to the documents for Panzer Battles Kursk, Normandy, and North Africa 1941.

These Visual Order of battles were created manually by cutting screen shots from in game and then creating pages and ultimately grouping them into a book. Laborious is an understatement!

Enter one of our WDS team members Carlos Anllo and his ‘hobby’ coding. Carlos built a program that would parse each Order of Battle, lay it out either horizontally or vertically and create a full-size chart for each. Suddenly instead of spending weeks creating a few example organisations, we could print all the order of battles and include them as references for the players.

Better still with two different graphics choices in game, Figures, and Heads, we could easily create schematics for each.

Below you can see the Winter War Getting Started scenario in Figures, followed by heads. All can be clicked for full size. Be warned some of these are huge pages!

Following are a few examples of other order of battles that are included in the different styles.

You can see and download the two Winter War Visual Order of Battles by clicking on the images below:

We hope that sharing these booklets will tide you over while we finalise our work and hopefully builds up the anticipation for release! As mentioned in our prior blog, Winter War is an underappreciated title and hopefully reviewing these documents will convince a few of you to have a closer look.

We will be back at release time!


  • Mikko Hyökki

    Hello, some corrections to Finnish ranks:
    - Kersantti instead of kersannti
    - Vääpeli instead of vaapeli (the "a"s with two dots on top, if the character set doesn’t show them right)

    And to the surnames:
    - Järvinen instead of Jarvinen
    - Mäkinen instead of Makkinen
    - Erkkilä instead of Erkkila
    - Kaikkonen instead of Kaikkonens
    - …and “Markku” is more typical as a first name, might also be a surname, though.

    And names of places
    - Bengtskär instead of Bengtskar

  • Iceman-TS

    The only way I see you return the favor, it is said here in my land, favor with favor is paid …
    Thank you, for everything, for making games with the heart, with love and more in an epoch only the dividends matter, paddling against the current, updating (it is to fall short, improving them on a standard by adding scenarios by pressing faults etc, so many hours, so many people) the games.
    Sincerely I will say it only once, today, without Camila but with 3 peers, I feel more family than client. And that is why I will say without hairs on the tongue what yes, if or I fear yes, you do bad )
    1) I do not care the engine, or San Pedro, today we limit the language, modify it to 1 byte (and not as all at 8 max languages) 255 languages, the community, which loves you will do all work.
    2) Every friend I had (and I said, because I insisted so much that they banned me as a friend) and try to start in the game, it invariably told me the same, it is all very confusing and basically doing the tutorial you lose in easy ( This you have been fixed, I do not know in the Philippines, but it is ridiculous to see some gameplays as I say it, where a cannon resists not repeated Japanese loads or they kill me all brokes, it does not go like that, put an accountant to the brush milks ). Here my point is: more than improving mechanics, mechanics must be script. New Engine, the same, but read another type of data. The engine will do the same, but delegate/interpret in 1) language 2) Campàña if campaign, and therefore, scenario; And Aki must not parameterize it, you have to script, allow more flexibility but at the same time a language for it. For example … if enemy spotan or ataken in the north …, that kind of thing. Thought they were worth all the sheds without the script the base/standard values would be precisely those.
    3) I still do not see a map for blind fools like me, where they simplify, roads, heights, in easy mode (the big ones), the unbeliected player does not see an easy route (if time does not change or there are enemies etc, obviously ) To draw a plan, a colored mode on the large stages, with impassable/tall land, roads/best roads to reach … of colors … (with red in boskes that I know) fast help you would not be able to explicate me .
    4) Without prize, and as a player I bother me a lot, end. That costs you, since it does not punctuate, if the player wants to continue playing …. lengthen it two more shifts or whatever, so the player loses but has the satisfaction of seeing how he could see cattle.

    I repeat, I just try to help, and forgive to enchant me this type of games, and my English pesimo, use Goggle Traslator.
    Thanks to all of you in the company, from 1 to the latter, those who day by day make us have faith in the future of the games, updating them, etc., seriously.

  • Mike B

    I actualy thought the old stuf was prity good, (I’v got Proud & Few, Eagle Strike & First WW) with upgrades outstanding.
    Great work, just keeps getting better and better.

  • Mark Rue

    thank they are looking really great

  • Filip Van Wuytswinkel

    This is very nice! And also the offer of the e book is brilliant!

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