The Final Eastern Front Panzer Campaigns 4.04 Updates

Hi All,

Yay! We are finally done, thirty-nine titles updated to version 4.04.

We are happy to conclude the version 4.04 updates for First World War Campaigns, Panzer Campaigns and Modern Campaigns. A little-known fact and one of the reasons this has been a drawn-out process was the need to handle every graphical element. There is close to a thousand pieces of art in each title, and all had to be updated. Trust me, I am happy to see the back of version 4.04!

Following on from the recent Modern Campaigns, Panzer Campaigns and First World War Campaigns upgrades we are releasing the updates for the last Panzer Campaigns titles with the new 4.04 version. This is the same version as the recently released title, Panzer Campaigns: Spring Awakening ’45 and our recent games of the week, Panzer Campaigns: Sealion ‘40, the Asia titles the Western Front games, North Africa titles, First World War Campaigns, Eastern Front Blitzkrieg titles, French & Italian titles and the recent More Eastern Front Panzer Campaigns titles.

The four titles updated today are Panzer Campaigns: Kursk ’43, Panzer Campaigns: Orel ’43, Panzer Campaigns: Rumyantsev ’43, and Panzer Campaigns: Kiev ’43.


Please note, these are full installation builds. The reason for this is to align to the upgrades we started to release back in March here. There is no patch from the prior version available. If you already have a copy of any of these five titles, the latest game build should be available now in your store account on the WDS website. You will have to uninstall any existing versions and then install the latest to be up to date.

With the move to version 4.04, here are the following changes beyond version 4.03:

Panzer Campaigns version 4.04 Changelog

Full Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash due to registry setting for the classic toolbar (which no longer exists).
  • Prevent Windows 11 CTD by replacing MCI audio with DirectSound on the Splash Screen.
  • Fixed a crash to desktop and game corruption when playing Network Direct Play.
  • Fixed a rare crash to desktop when Auto-Save was not selected.


  • Units are not penalised with night fatigue when moving by rail.
  • Dynamic NATO counter drawing on the Hex Info display. This is the same as the Panzer Battles implementation and the NATO counter on the unit card will highlight when appropriate.
  • New unit boxes to improve legibility of text.
  • New Unit box Back image to improve legibility of text.


Here are a few sample screen shots:

Panzer Campaigns: Kursk ’43

Panzer Campaigns: Orel ’43

Panzer Campaigns: Rumyantsev ’43

Panzer Campaigns: Kiev ’43


As mentioned, we have now migrated all the Campaign Series across to version 4.04. We also are working on a range of additional enhancements that we will share with you all very soon, expect some interesting features in version 4.04.1.

The Wargame Design Studio Summer Sale is now live and in into the final week. The sale will run till Thursday, July 4th. You can read more details in our blog post.

Please keep visiting the WDS site for the latest news, or make certain you are subscribed to our email updates for the latest.

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  • Christian

    Nice work; congratulations on finishing up the series update! While I’m a Squad Battles fan (not enough strategic experience in wargaming to grasp large scale campaigns), the graphical enhancements combined w/PC-Tiller engine make this series now a bit more intriguing for me to jump into. Thanks, WDS!

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