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Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has taken the opportunity to buy something during the Wargame Design Studio (WDS) Winter sale. We are seeing a good mix of both new and repeat customers as well as ‘first time buyers’ in game series that they haven’t owned before. There is never a better time than now if you are curious about a different historical period. A reminder, the sale runs for ten more days till January 3rd, so don’t miss out picking something up. 

With the push to make our WDS launch on November 19th a few deliverables didn’t quite make the cut. One that has been mentioned previously was the additional content for the Modern Campaigns title, Danube Front ’85, with a new beta release of Bolt out of the Blue V10.0. You can read about it and download the beta here: Link to Blog Post

Another item that didn’t make it was the updated scenarios for all five Modern Campaigns titles. The key changes here are to the scenario descriptions, where they are now formatted to be more readable and more importantly recommend the applicable optional rules. This should clarify the developers’ intentions. A big thank you to John S. on our team who has formatted not just the Modern Campaigns scenarios but all the Panzer Campaigns and Panzer Battles scenarios as well. The new documentation in Panzer Campaigns for the game manuals and Getting Started walkthroughs are also John’s work and a key part of our plan to both update and standardize where possible across the game series.

You can get the updated scenarios by title from the following links:

Danube Front ’85: Link

Fulda Gap ’85: Link

Korea ’85: Link

Middle East ’67: Link

North German Plain ’85: Link

Once downloaded, just unzip into the applicable game directory. These updated scenarios will be included in our next patch cycle, but we wanted to share them here first.

Please note that the Danube Front ’85 download does not include the latest update for Bolt out of the Blue, if you would like it, you need to download it from the page highlighted above.

With the festive season upon us we would like to wish you all the happiest and safest of holiday seasons. We are very thankful for the support you have shown us in the last month or so since we launched WDS, and we are excited about what the future holds…








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