Updated Panzer Battles Scenarios

Hi All,

With the Wargame Design Studio Winter sale behind us, its time to share some more updated content.

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that bought something in the sale. We saw a good mix of new and returning customers and it will be interesting to analyze which products were most popular and how that compares to the past.

Two weeks ago, we release updated scenarios for all five Modern Campaigns titles. I was reminded by John S who had completed both the Modern Campaigns and Panzer Campaigns scenario description updates that he had not in fact updated Panzer Battles as I mentioned here: Link to Blog Post

The whip has now been applied and we can now share the revised scenarios for the four released Panzer Battles titles. The key changes here are to the scenario descriptions, where they are now formatted to be more readable.

You can get the updated scenarios by title from the following links:

Battles of Kursk – Southern Flank: Link

Battles of Normandy: Link

Battles of North Africa 1941: Link

Panzer Battles Demo: Link

The downloaded zip files should be unzipped into the Scenarios folder in the applicable Panzer Battles game. Overwrite the existing scenarios when requested.

We are planning to revise all the existing builds and updates for these new scenarios in the next week or so, but in the meantime, they can be downloaded from the above links.

You may have noticed that we are averaging a blog post per week. I am hopeful we can maintain that cadence, and we have a few subjects planned for the remainder of January.

Till next week.


  • Richard F Federici

    Excellent refresh of John Tiller’s games. The website looks grand, too. Great things going on here.

  • pascal cinier

    Impec !!

  • Todd

    Thank you! More excellent HtH and solo scenarios are very welcome!

  • James Larson


  • Allan Foote

    Keep up the great effort! Very much appreciated!

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