Wargame Design Studio's Youtube Channel

We have recently launched a Youtube channel as a further way to showcase the work Wargame Design Studio is doing.

Our channel can be found here; Wargame Design Studio - YouTube Channel

Of interest Rich Walker has done our first six videos based off the recently released American Civil War Battles title - Campaign Petersburg.

Rich's first video is an introduction to Campaign Petersburg. Please note, these are all High Definition and can be watched from below and full screen if desired;

The second video covers the Campaign Petersburg Campaign engine and inclusions;

The third video explains the new tool bar that has been included in this first Wargame Design Studio release;

The fourth video has examples of Infantry movement;

Like the fourth video, the fifth video delves into the nuances of Cavalry and Artillery movement;

And the most recent video from Rich covers both Firing and Melee;


Youtube is a new medium for us and Rich has done a great job of building 5 minute videos that explain the functions of one of our games. We're hopeful that we can include future videos that explain various attributes of our game series and even introduce new features to the community.

We would love to get feedback on the usefulness of videos and our outreach to you the community in general.

Till our next post (or video!)




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