Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776
Campaign 1776

Campaign 1776

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In the late 1700's, the 13 British colonies in America decided to do something incredible: declare their independence from their King and country. The resulting struggle would pit the most powerful country in the world against this rebellion. The outcome would decide the fate of the new world.

Campaign 1776 allows you to recreate most all of the major battles of the American Revolution. The battles of Bunker Hill, Guilford Courthouse, Saratoga, Yorktown, and many others are covered in high detail allowing you to command either American or British forces against both human and computer-controlled opponents. And in the campaign game, you can fight several linked battles in campaigns of the north, center, and south.

As the American commander, can you win independence against the powerful British forces sent against you or as the British commander, can you put down the rebellion in the colonies and restore them to British rule?

Campaign 1776 includes 50 Scenarios, and 4 Campaigns – covering all sizes and situations, including a solo tutorial scenario. All can be played head to head and vs. the computer AI.

There are a range of maps covering all the key battlefields in the Eastern United States. 3D hand drawn maps are included to enhance the game experience.

The order of battle files cover the British, United States and Indian forces that participated in the various campaigns.

Game scale is 125 feet to a hex with 5 minute turns. Both 2D and 3D views of the battlefield are supported.

Units are mainly at the company level including infantry, cavalry, artillery, leaders, and supply wagons. Specialized units such as Militia, Light Infantry, Grenadiers, and Indians. Detailed weapons including muskets, rifles, carbines, bayonets, and various artillery from 2 pounders up to 32 pounders. Command, Fatigue, Supply, and Terrain rules all affect game play.

Scenario, Map & Campaign Editors which allow players to customize the game.

Differentiated images for unit art on both sides, including guns, infantry and vehicles covering all of the forces of the British and Revolutionary armies involved in the campaign.

Design notes which cover or include the production of the game, campaign notes and a bibliography that includes the sources used by the design team to produce this simulation game.

Campaign 1776 provides multiple play options including play against the computer AI, Play by E-mail (PBEM), LAN & Internet "live" play as well as two player hot seat.

Campaign 1776 has 50 stand alone scenarios, as well as 4 Campaign scenarios including:

"Battle Road", the initial fighting at Concord and Lexington, April 19th, 1775
Bennington, August 16th, 1777
Brandywine, September 11th, 1777
Bunker Hill, June 17th, 1775
Camden, August 16th, 1780
Cowpens, January 17th, 1781
Eutaw Springs, September 8th, 1781
Germantown, October 4th, 1777
Guilford Courthouse, March 15th, 1781
Hobkirk Hill, April 25th, 1781
Hubbardton, July 7th, 1777
Kings Mountain, October 7th, 1780
Monmouth, June 28th, 1778
Oriskany, August 6th, 1777
Princeton, January 3rd, 1777
Rhode Island, August 28-29th, 1778
First Saratoga, September 19th, 1777
Second Saratoga, October 7th, 1777
Trenton, December 26th, 1776
Yorktown, September - October, 1781

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System Requirements
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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