Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig
Campaign Leipzig

Campaign Leipzig

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 The dynamic battles of the Spring Campaign of 1813 had seen the French victorious at both Lutzen (May 2nd) and Bautzen (May 20-21). However, they lacked all of the essential elements of a great army to bring the war to a successful conclusion. This was due to the severe cavalry losses in Russia and the lack of Napoleon's subordinate commanders to successfully operate on their own. Shortly after Bautzen an armistice was agreed upon and both sides used the time to rebuild their forces. During this period Austria and Sweden joined the Sixth Coalition and the numbers tipped dramatically in the Allies' favor.

Now you can refight the famous battles of the Fall Campaign of 1813 such as Leipzig and Dresden. March in the steps of the young French conscripts or lead the Prussian landwehr towards the French lines with Blucher's famous cry of "Vorwarts meine kinder!" All of the armies of the 1813 Fall Campaign await your command.

Campaign Leipzig is the product of three years of research and design. The scenarios represent the titanic struggle that engulfed Germany during the Fall Campaign of 1813. A large assortment of units are represented such as the vaunted Prussian Leib Hussars and La Grande Armee's Old Guard. New program features help to accurately portray the unique features of this campaign. Players can wage the entire Fall Campaign as well as five other, subsidiary campaigns ranging from the efforts to take Berlin to MacDonald's failed attempt to defeat the Army of Silesia.

Campaign Leipzig includes 314 Scenarios – covering all sizes and situations, including a solo tutorial scenario plus specialized versions for both head to head play and vs. the computer AI.

Campaigns included:

The Fall Campaign of 1813.
The Dennewitz Campaign.
The Grossbeeren Campaign.
The Battle of Leipzig Campaign.
The Silesian Campaign.

The master map (501,762 hexes) includes all the significant locations fought over in the Leipzig campaign.

Over 60 maps to include the large Halle-Leipzig map and the mammoth Berlin Operational map which measures over 700 x 700 in size.

The order of battle files cover the French and Coalition forces that participated in the campaign with other formations added in for hypothetical situations.

Campaign and Scenario Editors which allow players to customize the game.

Design notes which cover or include the production of the game, campaign notes and a bibliography that includes the sources used by the designer team to produce this simulation game.

Campaign Leipzig provides multiple play options including play against the computer AI, Play by E-mail (PBEM), LAN & Internet "live" play as well as two player hot seat.

The major battles included are:


Version 4.08.1 - 290 MB download

System Requirements
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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