Musket & Pike 4.02 Updates


Today we bring you a huge update for the Musket & Pike series. Not only that, but a variety of other things as before we get into further 4.02 details here's a list of items todays blog post will cover:

  • New Code Signing Certificate
  • M&P 4.02 Updates
  • New version of the Menu Program
  • New Helion code
  • BulkOrder details

So please be sure to read the entire post, as there's some important details we don't want you to miss.

New Code Signing Certificate - with this round of updates we introduce to circulation a new Code Signing Certificate.  So what? Well, this means you "might" get a warning from your security software - as this is just getting into circulation. We can assure you it is completely safe and if prompted please click the "Accept" option, "Mark Safe" or what ever other wording your program presents. This cert is good until 2026 so it will be a good while before we introduce another. This is required in the modern digital world, that a third-party performs a validation on a company to make them prove they are legit and publishing legitimate software. This certificate then tells the rest of the world we have been "vetted" and can be trusted. It usually takes a few weeks for the databases around the world to get updated when a new cert enters circulation, so this will be the leading edge of that time period. Sorry for any hassles it presents! 

Ok, the updates...

With the release of Great Northern War last month a bevy of new changes and enhancements were presented for the series. The list encompasses a host of changes improving the User Interface, unit control enhancements, rule additions and adjustments as well as bug fixes. The majority of these have also been applied to the Napoleonic Battles games and our programmer who supports both series is keeping the engines in synch as we move through our development cycles. We have covered many of these changes in various blog can see the archives here.

Of course, whenever you get exponentially more eyes on a program, problems are discovered as well, so that is why the series as a whole is moving to 4.02 today. In addition to a list of bug fixes some new enhancements were also made, including further revisions to the A/I performance. This changelog is for GNW and will give you the specific list of items addressed since it's release.

In addition to all the engine changes, the original two games in the series are also receiving 2D & 3D graphical enhancements to bring them more in line with GNW. For a complete listing of what Renaissance & Seven Years War are receiving today you can view this Changelog.

(All game screen shots can be clicked for a full size image.)

A variety of screen shots will be included at the bottom of the post, but first we'll cover the other items from today. 

Menu Program - Version 4.04 of the menu program has been released today. If you aren't familiar with this, it creates a single interface for you to access all your WDS games from. In addition to the main program the campaign front end, editors and documentation are also listed. Further refinements have been made for display order and to the speed at which the program operates. You can grab your free copy of it here.

With the launch of Great Northern War we also introduced you to Helion & Company who publish books very much in line with the products we produce. Since the release promotion was well received they have extended an additional discount period to our customers. From June 1st - June 28th you can get 20% off all of the hard copy books in their inventory, just use discount code  WDS20  at checkout. Sorry, digital content is not covered by this discount. The website to take advantage of that is: Helion & Company


And finally for today, we have made an adjustment to our Store. Now if you place an order for $199.00 or more the BulkOrder discount code will be applied automatically taking 20% off your order. This is active all the time, even during our semi-annual sales. 


Ok, so to close out todays post here are a variety of screen shots from todays updates. We'll focus on the two older games, but for a Great Northern War focus you can check out the two recent blog posts here & here 



Flodden 2D

You can either grab the Updates from the Updates page - be sure the "File Reorg" batch file runs for the older two games - or you can download a completely new installer from your Store Account. As always, if you have any problems just reach out to the Help Desk and we'll get you taken care of.





  • John

    Renaissance Musket and Pike has experienced rebirth! Art once again imitates life! Thank you very much for the updates

  • Mr Ian Leask

    The updates are looking very nice particularly like the improvements to 7 the Years War Title.

  • Arthur Florman

    Renaissance looks great! Thank you. The combination of depth of simulation and great looking maps and unit graphics is WDS main claim to fame. No wonder I have purchased (almost) your entire catalog!

  • Rich Hamilton

    Al, the program will see everything in a folder tree up to 2 levels deep.

    For me, I have all my games in: D:\Games

    D:\Games\ACW\Civil War Battles Demo (for example)

    So with the menu program installed to D:\Games it picks it up fine. So you can organize your menu program to fit your own tastes.

  • Albert

    Thanks for the updates and all the effort y’all put into bringing us excellent products.

    I’ve only recently started using the WDS Menu program and see now how useful it is. Would it be possible to add a “Series” selection option?

    Currently if you own many titles, you have to scroll through all of them, at times, to find the one you want. I’m thinking with the above option, a person could narrow down the list if they could first select which Series the games is associated with.

    Keep up the good work.

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