North Africa Freebies – Planning Maps

Well we’re almost there – words like penultimate come to mind!

Over the last couple of blogs, we have been sharing some of the documentation that will be included with the game. Even better all of this will be provided for free via download to those that aren’t certain yet on purchasing the game.

We find that the documentation is both useful for those that own the game but also a great marketing tool to help people understand the content they will get with the game.

After highlighting the various terrain types in the last blog, this week we are going to showcase a few of the planning maps and even better allow you to download them now.

Planning maps have been included for free for the last couple of releases, North Africa will be no different. These include maps covering a particular area or operation. They are in the main done at the maximum zoom level where size permits.

The only maps that won’t be at maximum zoom are Compass and the full North Africa map. They are at zoom level 2 (or 50% size of the maximum zoom)

Following are a few examples of maps with the link to download the full-sized version below it. Please note the size. If you are bandwidth constrained, please take that into consideration before downloading. All files are PNG and will not suffer from the quality loss associated with JPG’s.

Map 1: Tobruk Defences     (size 28mb)   All images can be clicked, but please note they are reduced in size here - download on the following link to get the full size version

Tobruk Defences download link; Link

Map 2: Maleme/Canae/Suda Bay     (size 29mb)

Maleme/Canae/Suda Bay download link; Link

Map 3: Beda Fomm     (size 171mb)

Beda Fomm download link; Link

Map 4: Corinth Canal     (size 12mb)

Corinth Canal download link; Link

Map 5 (Bonus): Operation Battleaxe with starting units     (size 56mb)

Operation Battleaxe with units download link; Link

Here is an image at 100% zoom. The downloadable maps are all at this scale. This shows some of the units in the above Battleaxe map. There will be no units included in the official planning maps

Not included for download now is the Compass map, but here is an image to give you an idea of the scale. Battleaxe is essentially one third of the left-hand side of this image.

So, with this ‘penultimate’ North Africa blog, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the maps.

Till next time.

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