North Africa Getting Started - Terrain

Its time to show you a little bit more of the documentation to be included in the game.

Over the last couple of posts, we have shown you some entries from the Players Notes. This entry will show the included terrain effects chart (TEC). Nothing says old school like a terrain effects chart!

The TEC is part of the 70 page Getting Started manual, which includes the game tutorial as well as a write-up on how to use the campaign engine. The other key manuals - User and Program have also been rewritten and a lot of new or undocumented features included. All the manuals are designed to help players become comfortable with the game system.

There will also be the previously shown Players Notes (now over 150 pages long) as well as a Visual Order of Battle. This manual will graphically show the components of the key divisions that fought in North Africa/Mediterranean. A huge amount of work has gone into documenting the game and we believe it adds value to the overall package. We do expect to make many of the manuals free for download on release, to allow people to peruse the game content before deciding to buy.

Following are the terrain effects chart for both the Desert (North Africa) and Crete. Crete is obviously more temperate and uses the Russia/Western Europe graphics sets. North Africa is using the new desert terrain set.

In a number of places you will see a terrain set followed by a bracketed name. An example is Airfield (Polder/Paddy), this means we have used the Polder and Paddy terrain slots to create an airfield. Polder and Paddy will not appear in game but may be reported in the terrain box. Ignore this as we have used unneeded terrain types for new types.

Without further ado here are the terrain effects chart (all images can be clicked for full size);

We hope you enjoyed this further insight into some of the inclusions in game.

Till next time.

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