North Africa Player Notes – Operation Compass Scenarios

Here is the next example from the game documentation.

As shown last time, we gave you a sneak peak of one section of the Players Notes covering the Order of Battle for the Italians.  This post will show the scenario briefings for Operation Compass. We already have the scenario notes written up for all the scenarios (last count was 127(!) with 21 of those being reference scenarios). Every Operation will be laid out in a similar way. Please note, everything shown here is work in progress and all may change from what you eventually get in your hands.

We always take the documentation very seriously as it allows us to highlight the depth of research and work that has gone into the game. We hope it allows players to appreciate why various things happen and how we have tried to emulate history.

Here are the sample pages for Operation Compass - the first shows the overall range and size of scenarios on a representative map (all images can be clicked for full size);

The next images cover all the scenarios associated with that map;

Where applicable, additional maps are used as in the following examples for the battles at Bardia, Tobruk and Beda Fomm;

In addition there is a Variable scenario covering Beda Fomm. Here is it's pages from later in the notes;

We hope you enjoy seeing these. It’s easier to share this as we go along rather than just write new blog entries!

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