North Africa Player Notes – The Italians

You know we’re on the home stretch when we’re working on documentation!

I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of just one section of the Players notes so you know what we’re doing. Everything shown here is work in progress and all may change from what you eventually get in your hands.

This section shown (order of battle) is for the Italians. We already have the order of battle notes written up for the British, Commonwealth forces (Indian, New Zealander, Australian & South African), other Allies (Greek, Polish, Czech and French) and work is about to commence on the Germans.

There will also be designer notes, scenario descriptions and other pertinent information included. The player notes in Normandy were 193(!!) pages long. I don’t expect North Africa to be that big, but we will only know when it is all pulled together.

Here are the sample pages from the Italian Order of Battle write-up (all images can be clicked for full size);





We also intend to include a Visual Order of Battle like the one included with Normandy. We are doing the initial work now and here is a draft shot of one page from that;

Till our next post.

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