Questions & Answers – November 2022

Questions & Answers – November 2022

Hi All,

We always have a range of interesting comments when we publish a blog post, many of them questions. Most times these questions are pertinent to the broader community, so we believe it is worthwhile answering them here where all can see.


LOGAN MURRILL              Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Will all the Napoleonic titles get the same 3d look as Waterloo? Waterloo is wonderful looking. I really enjoy the 3d look.

Answer:  We are focused on the earliest titles released, which had lesser graphics, than those that followed. Dependent on the response from the community, we will decide if additional titles are upgraded.


ALAN SHARIF     Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Outstanding work, as I have learned to expect from WDS. Thank you yet again.


LARRY SJELIN     Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Couple wish list items..

  1. A panzer campaign game focused on late war…Rheine crossing and/or fall of Berlin
  2. WWI and US campaigns
  3. In PzC..improvement on air side of things, possible Air unit counters, if air support intercepted then loss of aircraft?

Answer:  Thanks for the list!

  1. We would love to do more late war Panzer Campaigns titles. Currently the only 1945 title is Budapest ’45. What I can say is that there is at least one more 1945 title in active development with another couple under serious consideration. We are close to having the maps we need to do mid 1944 to May 1945 engagements in Europe.
  2. As far as WW I, Ed Williams our ace designer is working through the First World War systematically. I expect it will be a while before you see a title covering the US entry into the war in 1917.
  3. I don’t expect we will represent air in the manner you suggest. The current system focuses on air support with air superiority and interception handled abstractly. Adding counters on map, in my opinion would result in little differentiation or gain from the system currently in place.


NICK DENEVI      Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Please, add support for PNG graphics to be able to make more complete mods for the map and units, thanks in advance

Answer:  We have started to move away from BMP graphics to PNG. The first series to shift was the Naval Campaigns titles as evident in the most recent updates. The added transparency allowed us to represent features like clouds much more aesthetically. I am currently working on the second series to use PNG files; Squad Battles. This is a recent change and I’m a little surprised at some unexpected challenges. The transparency has not always worked as I expected, but overall, the shift is positive as we have tried and learned different techniques. One additional advantage of PNG files is that they are much smaller than BMP’s and hence quicker to load. Below you can see a little sneak peek of ongoing work on Squad Battles. This is the new zoom level that has just been added with new unit graphics and other enhancements. This is still very work in process. (click for full-size)


MAX FROM SWEDEN     Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Awesome news, guys! Thank you for your hard work!


KERRY FOX         Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Looking forward to playing Jutland with the updates. Looking forward to revisiting all the Naval Campaign titles with the new update actually. Thanks for keeping these titles constantly improving! It’s much appreciated.

Answer: Our pleasure! We think the improvements to the Naval Campaigns series is a drawcard for those that have not played the games before. We are finding that many titles are diamonds in the rough and with just a small amount of polishing, real gems and worth your time.


STEPHEN NELSON            Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

For Sealion ’40. A campaign scenario for “Invasion” by Kenneth Macksey. I believe this is more possible, as this is a what if game why not.

Answer:  Of interest this is what was written by the designers in the Sealion '40  design notes. It was a conscious decision not to use Macksey’s book:

“Wig (the game designer) did not use a book on “What If” history as Talonsoft did, with the book Kenneth Macksey wrote named “Invasion: The German invasion of England, July 1940”. This book has been generally regarded as not possible. Wig found a book by Ronald Wheatley which was NOT “What If” history. This book isn’t even a story. This is a set of Germans historical plans, published in 1958, dealing only with the plans for an invasion. This book didn’t set a date for the invasion, just a general time of sometime in September 1940. This is the book used in creating of our game, it does not provide any information, or speculation, about what might happen after the invasion was launched.”

You can read and download the design notes here: Link


EGON HATFIELD               Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

WDS: Reference a wish for a Courland (Kurland) Pocket game…does WDS ever work with board game companies for game development? For example, Multi-Man Publishing offers BALTIC GAP.

Answer:  As mentioned in a previous answer, we believe there is a lot of untapped potential for World War Two titles, particularly late war. Never say never for Kurland pocket. As far as working with the boardgame developers. Not yet to date, but we have discussed it internally. We want to tidy up all our game series before expanding our distribution. We are getting closer to that goal.


DAVE FICHTNER                               Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Just downloaded and installed the updates. First rate work guys. Now if someone would just bring the World War I series up to the same standard.

Answer:  The upcoming new features in the 4.01 updates for Panzer Campaigns will ultimately be available for both the First World War Campaign and Modern Campaigns series.


MIKE DAVIES                     Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Fantastic set of upgrades. Nice to see lots of requests for WW2 games, I’ll just pitch in with Wellington in India and Napoleon in Egypt please!

Answer: Your request has been passed onto the Napoleonic team…!


GARY STUART                    Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Many thanks for taking note of the cavalry queries on the forum. Can’t wait to give this new patch a shot.

Answer: Thanks. This is another example of the dedicated forum allowing us to hear about issues and then triage them. In this case there was an issue and we were very happy to get it resolved quickly.


THOMAS RICHARD PYTEL             Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

Keep it up,,,, great job


JOSEPH MEDEIROS                          Napoleonic Battles 4.03 Updates

I tried to install the update into my Leipzig game, but the 1.4 version remained the same. I don’t know what I did wrong. I downloaded the update into a new folder on my desktop. Then I dragged the new folder into my game folder and unzipped it.

Answer: This issue was resolved by the WDS support team.


VIENNE                                France ’40 Mega-Update Sneak Peek and WDS Summer Sale Starts

Hello Will it be possible to keep the current version of the game and the current games and the new version 4.01?

Answer: With changes to the scenarios, no. Our suggestion before updating to 4.01 is to copy your game directory and use that copy going forward for games started under the 4.00 version. You can then update the original folder to 4.01 and start any new games there. If unsure, then possibly consider not upgrading your France ’40 till you complete any ongoing games.


GILLES                                   France ’40 Mega-Update Sneak Peek and WDS Summer Sale Starts

Hello I am excited about the new version of France 40, and the changes made with the exception of two of them. Passing the French tanks from C to D risks completely unbalancing the game especially as this does not seem particularly justified for the B Bis tanks and the Somua who have historically obtained excellent results (Hannut and Stonne for example) The Panzer II and the Panzer III. If we add this amendment to another amendment which consists in putting all the French troops in fragile morale, this new version puts the allied camps, with which it was already very difficult to win, at a very serious disadvantage. So I have a suggestion: It is possible in the new version to plan for the big campaign covering the entire campaign (France/Belgium and Holland) an alternative version that would incorporate all the announced changes but retain the parameters of the current version for the two points mentioned above.

Answer: Mike Prucha covered the tank morale ‘challenge’ directly in the comments of this blog post. He said:

“The decision to lower French tank morale was done with much thought and testing and, I believe, yields more realistic results in a number of scenarios. If, over time, it is shown that is too much of a change, it may be reversed. Of course, one of the great things about PzC is that it is very customizable. You are free to set the morale values to whatever you want in your own personal copy”

I am not aware at this time of additional options Mike is planning, but he did mention in the same blog comment that he has additional variants planned beyond what will be included in the 4.01 update. In Mike’s words:

“Long term plans do include providing hypothetical versions of the campaign, including variants where the French are not as strongly incentivized to move into the Low the Countries (Plan E) and where the 7th Army starts in reserve near Reims, among others. That’s a ways off and there are other (big) projects to work on first. The historic version, which is currently represented, will use the Dyle Plan with Breda maneuver as the basis for objectives and victory conditions. This makes it hard for the French, but Gamelin’s plan was ambitious.”


DAVID DUNCAN                               France ’40 Mega-Update Sneak Peek and WDS Summer Sale Starts

Was the position of Fort Eben Emanuel fixed in this? It was historically adjacent to the Albert Canal not a kilometre away as in the game map. Also the Germans previously benefited from the fortification despite the fact that the Garrision was intact and the Germans were exposed on top for 3 days. Tend to think the downgrading of the French armour is overdoing it as they were already at a considerable disadvantage and historically tanks like the Char B1 could on occasion cause mayhem.

Answer: We have looked at the current positioning of Eben Emael and made the call to leave it as is. The primary reason is this would have a material effect on many scenarios where starting positions, reinforcements, victory point locations would all have to be adjusted – all for little actual gain in game play. It is unfortunate with the positioning, but the current location has little effect on game balance. The French armour question is covered in the prior answer.


OLIVIER BIANCHI                             Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Thank you for all this great work


RICH S.                                                 Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Downloaded the (provisional) Summary Info document. A very handy document. Even if this is just a prototype the amount of information it makes available will greatly enhance game play. Tweaking it can only make it better. Thank you for all your hard work.

Answer: Thanks! It was slightly changed for the Rumyantsev release, but very similar to the one provided previously. We are planning a number of versions with a dedicated sheet for each major theatre.


ALAN SHARIF                                     Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

It all sounds great. Thanks yet again for your outstanding work.


PAUL SANDERS                                 Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

I do like what I am seeing.


HARRY MIKTARIAN                         Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

…you sirs…are my wargame Viagra.

Answer: Harry, that’s a different online business! 😊


CHAD                                                    Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Thank you so much for finally updating the play speed. I’m so excited to jump back into some large scenarios. This is a game changer!

Answer: We think so. There are still refinements being made, but it does make a huge difference in game play.


GREG MOORE                                    Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

These changes look great. I’m excited about the Action Speed since that will greatly speed up my player turn game play along with the AI turn. Good to see the explanation that the default was tied into synching the sound files. Even though I don’t play with sound on, that seemed like the explanation.

Answer: We are observing what you as expecting. The improvement in time to play is significant.


JENS L                                                   Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

I simply can’t wait. I’m in here every day looking for the updates. France 40 ……. I need it now. :)

Answer: Patience, grasshopper!


MAX FROM SWEDEN                     Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Great news, guys! You do an awesome job! Thank you for that!


GILLES                                                   Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Hello. Will it be possible to keep the current version of France 40 and the current games and to play at the same time the new version of France40 when it comes out ? Cordially

Answer: We covered this in a previous answer, but you can copy your existing directory and use that for 4.00 games and update the other directory to 4.01 standard.


TIM G                                                    Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Would it be possible to add a dark mode to this web site and the forums

Answer: At this juncture, we are not certain. Let us explore the possibilities.


BOB RUSSELL                                     Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

So… no improvements to the A/I yet?

Answer: We have plans for the A/I, but nothing significant has been done to date.


BRETT                                                    Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Great news for me! Bad news for my wife and bank account.

Answer: Please don’t give your wife our number!


JOHM FROM CANADA                   Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

Any chance there will be a bigger difference in color between rivers and stream ?

Answer: Yes! Here is what we rolled out with Rumyantsev ’43. This was done quickly and maybe refined when the other title updates are released.


ICEMAN TS                                          Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

It looks very good I hope anxious the update, in addition to the fact that there is a greater difference in the color between rivers (impassable for tanks) and the stream (where they can pass without bridge), it would also be to appreciate some even more marked lines (and of different tones, from the darkest below and clarifying the elevation lines depending on the height) at the edges of the elevations, in order to see the terrain more clearly.

Answer: See the previous answer for ‘blue’ rivers.  As far as elevations, the ability to turn off hex side slopes as well as designate different colored contours as well as thickness of the contour lines will probably assist with determining different elevations.


JOHN W.                                              Panzer Campaigns 4.01 Update Preview

I have been playing Fall Gelb in France 40 and have the following comments/questions:

1 Why don’t broke units retreat from ferries or bridges when attacked?

2 The bridge between hex (313,145) and (313,146) shows damaged but units can still move across. Is this a bug?

  1. I cannot find the Heeresgruppe A counter. Is this a bug or was it intentionally left off the board?

I love the changes coming with 4.01. You have put a lot of effort into upgrading the game and I appreciate it!

Answer: Please see our replies below.

  1. We are not quite certain the context here; is it why don’t they use ferries or bridges when attacked? We have done quite a bit of work in this area, so it maybe better in the future.
  2. We have corrected the missing canal hex side here.
  3. I have asked the team to check this, but it maybe corrected in the upcoming 4.01 release.


RICHARD BINKHYUSEN                 Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 – Research and References

I see you are busy with the Dutch Resistance in the Scheldt area. If you follow the paved trail of info about that, you'll most likely miss the most important part about that. While the Canadian Black Watch Btl. almost was wiped out at the 'Woensdrecht Narrows' railway dam on Friday the 13 of Oct. 1944, the small Dutch Orde Dienst-Tholen was ordered to take and hold the ferry of Oud-Vossemeer on the 30th of Oct. by 4th Canadian Armoured Div. They complied within 5 hours and fought against the same amount of German paratroopers of the same Regiment 6 for 6 days. On the 31st of Oct.(3rd fight) they ambushed the 9.Coy. and reduced them into half over the remaining 5 days. The entire 'thing' goes in history as a skermish, but actually the most important one of the entire Scheldt Estuary. Because at the same time the bulk of German Parachute Regiment 6 was to embark for the first attempt Walcheren-Causeway and North-Beveland convoy some minutes later. It's easier to defend a small long dike like the Walcheren-Causeway, then a 8 Km wide railway dam at Woensdrecht. The Canadian reached it on the 9th within 150 meter distance, but it took 3 weeks of bitter fighting to overcome that distance. If the Germans had been able to sent FJR6 sent to the Walcheren-Causeway straight away, a repeat of the 'Woensdrecht Narrows' would have delayed the opening of the Port of Antwerp. Now it was reached on the 28th of Nov., but only became fully operational on the day the 'Battle of the Bulge' began. It gave the Allies just 18 days the use the Port to withstand the 'Battle of the Bulge'. The distance from Normandy to Bastogne is twice that of Antwerp and 5x to Nijmegen. Fighting kept going on until March 1945 in the northern part of the Scheldt Estuary, where raids took place by the German equivalent of the British Royal Marines Commandos. All this time the barely armed local small Dutch Resistance Groups kept on serving for long stretches on this part of the Western Front. Still dressed in worn torn civilian clothes they formed nothing more than a thin observation line. Not even able to defend themselves. Capture meant torture and execution. After a brief parade they were sent home on the 14th of March 1945 after serving 4,5 months (136 days) on the Front line, of which 6 days behind enemy lines against German Parachute Regiment 6. They just wanted to support the Allied advance and never realized what they'd done. Never received any credit and most of them never even the Dutch Resistance Cross. My Granddad was one of them. And only opened up about it in 1994 for a short while. Student lied about the first attempt and covered it up, most likely to prevent reprisal from Berlin. But he did mention the second attempt from Numansdorp. Although they stil had to sail via the fair lane in front of WN.402 at Stavenisse in the dark, knowing they would be spotted by the OD-Tholen. Which would report to 4.CAD HQ straight away. But Student couldn't blow his 'Golden Opportunity' to keep the Port of Antwerp inoperable for the Allies until the 'Battle of the Bulge' a second time. Unfortunately, just before the convoy would sail, he received word 2nd Canadian Infantry Division crossed the Walcheren-Causeway. He only mentioned the second attempt after his capture and was spared the same faith a Monty with Arnhem related to Market-Garden. He now goes in history as the one who halted the German remnants from Normandy at the Albert-Canal and savior of the German 15th Army from being trapped at the French/Belgian coast. Unbelievable story? Yes indeed. Luckily, I have all the necessary documents and even a photograph of WN.402 and film to proof all. Who am I? I'm A.C.E. van T. Those are the initials of my Granddad. And because what people like Chris van Kerkhoven and I published at forums, the German 1st Parachute Army could began being reconstructed since 2008. Here is a preview about the Resistance Group my Granddad belonged to I filmed with my cell phone. That's the reason it's often blurred and out of focus. And bear in mind that these men hardly slept for over 2 weeks. In the end the Canadian pills only worked for 15 minutes, so that's the reason most are stunned or pose in a Carnavalesk way (Carnaval is somewhat to your Mardi Grass). And here are the You-Tube episodes that are finished about the Resistance Group and its German opponents. The Resistance Group will appear after the episode about Bergen op Zoom. And their other German opponent after that when the winter front starts on Nov.9 1944 to March 14 1945. So please contact me if you are interested.

Episode 14: The Struggle for Woensdrecht

Answer: Thank you, I have passed all this detail along to the team.


KARL MCENTEGART                        News from the Front

Fantastic ‘News from the Front’ indeed. The 4.04 Nap Update is sounding brilliant, the toolbar looks amazing with its new features. Any likelihood of that for the CWB series? Great news on Pz Campaigns too. The Great Northern War has to be an outstanding addition IMHO to the M&P series and perhaps only to be surpassed or complimented by the Spanish Succession, when you get to it….hopefully. As has become the standard now from WDS, more continuing support and updates not to mention upcoming game releases. Outstanding work by WDS and all involved, many thanks.

Answer: The CWB series already has the new tool bars but will be updated with the new Action Speed controls in the next update round. We are excited about Great Northern War too!


CHAD NIKIRK                                     News from the Front

Thanks for the great updates and the new games. I was hoping for the Panzer Campaigns updates this month, but sounds like they are close.

Answer: We are hard at work on the Panzer Campaigns (and First World War & Modern Campaigns) updates and will have them out once ready. There are over thirty games across these series, so there is a lot of work to be done.


KEITH ROBINSON                             News from the Front

Great news! Looking forward to Rumyantsev ’43 and the updates.


CHRISTIAN RAMOS                         News from the Front

As always, love these updates! Exciting stuff coming. Really looking forward to the new M&P game. Great work guys!


DAVID                                                   News from the Front

Bring on the Battle of Poltava!

Answer: You won’t be disappointed!


GONZALO                                           News from the Front

Great news the game about the great northern war¡!!, Spanish succesion war and TYW next please!!!

Answer: We have let the team know!


HOLDEN JESS                                     News from the Front

Great news on the Musket & Pike series update! Have been holding off on diving into Renaissance again, waiting for the update that I knew would come eventually as you guys rock!

Answer: Updates for the series are work in progress currently, but they are actively planned.


ROBERT INGOGLIA                          News from the Front

You folks are always the greatest (both in terms of quality and communication). I would love to see a Panzer Campaigns game on the Hurtgen Forest and a WWI game on the Battle of Caporetto. Thank you again for your continuing excellence.

Answer: Thanks, as mentioned in other answers we are looking at more late war situations for Panzer Campaigns. I believe Caporetto will be a while off though based upon Ed’s schedule.


TOM MOORE                                     News from the Front

I would like to see cavalry skirmishers in the Napoleonic Series like the Civil War Series. I hate walking into unobserved units when scouting. Also I think the 20 hex spotting limit like in the Waterloo campaign was a good idea.

Thanks, Thomas Moore

Answer: We are always looking at where there is crossover between the various series. I will ask the teams to review the applicability of your requests for Napoleonic’s.


ROBERT RUSSETT                             News from the Front

Squad battles: Mexican Revolution, American Indian Wars

Answer: There is a lot of logic to using the Squad Battles engine for 19th century actions (Rorke’s Drift anyone?) but please remember the engine is currently very twentieth century focused. We would have to see where the compromises would be before embarking on any possible projects.


LARS HANSEN                                   News from the Front

Well, updates are always good. But……

Any plans for the AI?

The AI (or rather, lack of same) is IMO the biggest hit against the JTS/WDS series, no matter if you’re a panzer guy, or a smooth-bore musket guy.

At some point in the past, a decision was made to go with a scripted AI, and presumably WDS is stuck with that engine for the foreseeable future. But, quite frankly, it sucks.

It’s only slightly bad in PzC/MC/FWWC games within smaller scenarios (say, 10 turns or less).

It’s ridiculously bad when it comes to the black powder period where formations matter.

And in any JTS/WDS game, the campaign games are unplayable against the AI.

You cannot script an AI when you have to predict what the situation is like five weeks from now. No amount of tarot-cards, diving rods, or crystal-balls can give you that kind of power.

So are there any plans to evolve the game-engine beyond the very basic TacAI that is currently the norm?

Answer: You cover a lot of ground here. There is absolutely a need to work on the AI on all titles and we are trying to work out how to both unravel what is currently coded and the requirements for any future implementation. Much of what has been coded by John has been undocumented (he never expected others to be supporting his work), and there is a lot of trial and error to work out how it all hangs together. There are a huge number of calls to the AI in any particular turn (think in the millions) and unravelling all that is not for the faint hearted. You also mention TacAI and I would agree with you that there has been more emphasis on that, rather than strategic AI and that is a key ingredient for what comes out of any rewrite. Also keep in mind that the AI for pre twentieth century games will be very different to those covering the more modern era. Setting up and keeping formations alone is a very different requirement to what is needed in the later periods. We are working on it the AI, but there is a long road ahead still.


WOLFGANG KRÄHER                     News from the Front

How about the Byzantine/Ottoman era as a theme for the future?

Many thanks and best regards.

Answer: I can guarantee if you are thinking about it, the design teams have already suggested it!


KEVIN CONWAY                                               News from the Front

Yessir, a new Musket and Pike game, instant buy!


CHRIS SLOAN                                     News from the Front

Really looking forward to the Great Northern War!


JASON E. OTTO                                 News from the Front

It might be far too “old” to be of interest, but I would love a Late Republican/Early to mid-Imperial Roman game.

Answer: Definitely not too ‘old’! We have discussed the possibilities of a range of titles and which engine is the best fit. Let’s just say, we are looking at all conflicts and whether we can accommodate them in the game systems we have.


JENS L                                                   News from the Front

Amazing news with the Great Nordic War. Has not been done in modern times. Is hardly any boardgames on the subject. Some Poltava but nothing else. As a Swede I’m Very excited. As a Wargamer I’m very excited over the new PC updates. Can’t wait for the new France 40 map. Great news all along. Thanks.

Answer: Thank you, we are very happy to cover some of the more underserved conflicts in history.


STEFAN BUSS                                     News from the Front

On the coming update for the PzC-series: will the Demo (Mius ’43) be included as well?

Answer: Yes, it will be brought up to the 4.01 standard.


BEDNAR REGINALD E                     News from the Front

I agree with the other commenter. Panzer Campaigns takes so long to play with an opponent that playing against the AI is typical. Let’s face it, a real, general wargamer wants to command over the entire campaign of interest. Given all the updates and all the games produced, why not now take the time to work on a general AI system of the series. Computers now have the necessary computing capacity and memory; the real problem is finding wargamers/programmers who can develop robust AI (a very elite and handful of specialists). While your competitor’s “Operation Art of War IV” does have one which is better, the weird way a turn is tabulated timewise, and time-scales and casualty percentages being set by a scenario setup file, make PC a much better simulation in general.

While many (if not all) companies have tried to develop their own game on the entire war on the Eastern Front, all have been poor simulations. “War in the East II” was a board game which simulated encircling actions very well with a mechanized movement phase but had very primitive all or nothing supply. “War in East” and “War in East II” had a much better combat and supply system but made encirclements very difficult with units having to move one at a time and allowing the circled units to be all re-supplied if the ring wars broken in any place the opposing player’s turn, even by a small unit. If the Russian player would have to sacrifice a lot of truck units to do this, that would be tolerable. The WDS has actual experience designing two western theatre strategic campaigns; why not try the eastern one? All of these allow the Russian player to control weapon/unit production, while the German player doesn’t have any. Even worse, there are no “what ifs” given the German player a better chance, like early German total war production and mobilization, not declaring war on America, etc. The company is guaranteed to have lots of buyers.


Answer: Your comment covers off both the many opportunities as well as challenges as we create more strategic level titles. We are looking at all our series, including Strategic War to determine what can or cannot be done. AI is a big one as you call out and how to end up with games that at least have a basis rooted in history. It is all a fine line and one that requires significant time and effort to get ‘right’. I highlight ‘right’ as that has proven to be subjective for many people, including the scale they want to see their battles played at. The power of the PC is to do a lot of what you suggest, but having competent AI is a big challenge for all computer wargames generally as the more expansive the scale the more likely a sub-system may not works as optimally as hoped for.


LUIS LANUZA                                     News from the Front

Hands up for a Spanish Succession war in M&P, Franco-Prussian war and a WW1 covering the Galicia campaign in 1914. Thanks!

Answer: You cover a lot of oft requested titles!


DAVID W EARLS                                                News from the Front

As for WW1, I would like to see a game on the struggle in Galicia in 1914-1915.

Lots of maneuver.

As with WW2, a game in the Western Ukraine in 1941.

Keep up your great effort!


Answer: Thanks for your listing, we have had them on our list for a while as well.


BILL MENTER                                     News from the Front

My wish list item is 2D map rotation.

Answer: We don’t have a plan for this currently, especially considering the size of some of our maps and scenarios. Sorry!


BRETT                                                    News from the Front

Absolutely incredible! Thank you!!!!


JAVIER. D                                             News from the Front

Great news, a really nice surprise a new M&P title, maybe not the one i wanted BUT it comes with improvements for the series. Is curious but last week I buy a magazine about battle of Poltava with some background… Maybe better buy was the book about battle of Almansa hehehe.

One suggestion, is possible add in the unit’s portrait a NATO icon or an icon of a horse head for cavalry a boot for infantry and maybe 3 balls for artillery to difference better between unit types? In a corner. I think this could help a lot of difference them when you have them in a stack mixed.

About PzC… Nice have title next month, maybe I can wait holidays and made a bundle to complete other series apart Nap and PzC hehehe.

Any info about Philippines44? And about the EAW demo? I am really curious about your plans for the XIX century, a lot of things to cover. Even at the sea.

Thanks for the info and waiting new titles and of course more tasty info.

Answer: Where to start? We are constantly looking at the portraits and artwork and trying to work out what works best. It is the reason there have been additional choices made available for several series. I expect it will be the same for the Musket & Pike series.

Panzer Campaigns Philippines ’44 is progressing well and in testing currently. It is a big title with a lot of content, so will be one to look out for. We have (deliberately) slipped its release into next year.

As far as the nineteenth century, there are a lot of overlooked engagements at different scales. We are discussing what could possibly be done and which engine is the best suited. This was a century with huge technological and tactical changes and there are a range of considerations to make when deciding which game series is best to represent the various conflicts.


SIMON LAMBERT                             News from the Front

You absolute heroes! You put big companies to shame with your dedication and updates that many publishers would sell us again as Version 2! Thank you so much!


ALAN SHARIF                                     News from the Front

Great Northern War, so pleased to see this and yes, a must buy for sure. Panzer Campaigns updates to follow soon, and new Napoleonic updates available now. A massive THANKYOU to all involved.


ERICK REPIE                                        News from the Front

A very welcoming updates .. i hope release in early NOV.

Programming AI to move 1 division (PzC) contain 10-12 individual batt/counter is ALOT difficult rather than 1 division 1 counter (WITE2) or 4-6 counter (TOAW). Plus its complex rule such as move/travel mode, disrupted at night travel etc.

Cannot compare PzC with Wite2/TOAW, its different beast.

Despite its AI, i played PzC,NP & WWC most of the time , compare to my WITE2,EU4,COMMAND,DC.

The map is another masterpiece.

My wish VST value is more sharp between road and non-road & the old scenario being rework (like Indragnir doing)

Answer: Thank you for the commentary. As far as VST, I think it reflects situations well. There are a range of documents and reports that confirm the importance of roads and railways when supplying troops and the growing challenges off-road.


DION RITTER                                      News from the Front

You guys are an A1 class company. Games have much detail. Makes me proud.


MAX FROM SWEDEN                     News from the Front

Länge leve Konungen! What amazing news! Finally a game title covering the Great Northern War! For me, as a Swede, this is indeed a dream come true as Swedish history is so rarely covered in good war games! Thank you so much, guys! You are heroes!


STEVE BOHLIN                                   News from the Front

Hey Guys – Your Rumyantsev setup (as above) is way off for any start date 3 Aug or earlier. Should look more like Kursk/Citadelle 15 July-2 August. Sovs claim Rumyantsev began with release of the 5th G Tank Army; Historians generally concur that start date for counter offensive was 3 Aug. AG Kempf and 4th PzA had successfully linked up near Prokhorovka by the time Hitler ordered an end to offensive ops circa 15 Jul. See Nipes and Zamulin for force disposition timeline maps

Answer: Thanks for the heads up, you are right the image shown was from the brand new Zitadelle (Kursk) – Southern Flank scenario included, rather than the later Rumyantsev offensive.


FRANCISCO MADEIRA                    News from the Front

Still hoping for an eastern front game in the Strategic Game series…

Answer: So are we! In all seriousness we think it is a real possibility, but there is a lot of work needed before an East Front title is released. We do have maps and OOB’s that are usable, but have to find a development slot for it.


CHRISTOPHER DROST                     News from the Front

The Strategic War series has so much potential, but nothing is being done with it. I wish WDS would release it as a game engine.

Answer: We know! Just to reassure you, something is being done with the engine and a (small) team are working on future titles.


KEITH ROBINSON                             News from the Front

Would LOVE to see a Pacific Version done with the “Battles of Normandy” game engine. Especially Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima battles and beach landings.

Answer: The Pacific theatre is a very good fit for the Panzer Battles engine. We even showcased that in the Panzer Battles Demo with the small Alligator River scenarios. We definitely have it on our radar as potential future title(s)


JEAN-LOUIS                                        Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

Already installed! I guess the next evenings will be a bit busy.

Thank you all for your hard work, and the pleasure you provide us!


PAUL SANDERS                                 Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

I am retired and on a fixed income. Otherwise, I would own this now. I get paid Wednesday morning. I will own this before Wednesday lunch. It looks like another Tiller/WDS success!! It’s a good thing these simulations (I hesitate to call them games) weren’t around when I was 18. I would have flunked out of engineering school. Hey, wait a minute. I did flunk out. I kicked calculus’s ass eight years later with a 4.0. Let’s hear it for maturing later in life!!! Let’s hear it for the design team that worked on this gem!!


ERICK REPIE                                        Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

Perfect time release…. Back to remote site in Sumatra tomorrow, it’s just me n PzC without routine father job interrupting


KERRY FOX                                         Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

Despite being in the early stages of a Smolensk ‘41 game, I did buy this new title. I see the hot keys have changed again! That’s okay, it keeps me on my toes (I guess!). The game looks great; I really like the new toolbars (especially the hot keys being revealed when passing the cursor over the icons). I’ll have to play a smaller scenario or two before getting back to my Smolensk ’41 game.

Answer: We are hopeful this is it for hotkeys changes. It is now much more standardised across all our game engines, making it easier to migrate between different series.


MICHAEL CURTIS                              Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

There is something wrong with your system. I am trying to order your latest game and it keeps on asking for a province and I can get no further. AUCKLAND IN New Zealand is both a town and a province.

Answer: See message below, Rich fixed it!


RICH HAMILTON                              Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

Michael’s message got fixed right way, by the way. :-)


LUCA GRIGLIO                                   Rumyantsev ’43 Released!

I bought it yesterday; it looks great, and I really like the inclusion of the Kursk offensive


RICHARD F FEDERICI                       And then they were One!

I had to take a double take when I saw the Little Bighorn game. Thank you so much for that one!


PJS                                                         And then they were One!

Wow, you guys never fail to impress!


CHAD                                                    And then they were One!

Awesome, thank you guys! I’m excited to see the 4.01 patch on all the PZC games.


KARL MCENTEGART                        And then they were One!

Happy 1st Birthday WDS and may there be many, many, more of them!

I think it is fair to say that the package released today is an excellent addition to the portfolio. Further to this, I believe, the undoubted work and effort by WDS to our games, new titles, updates, bug fixes etc are a fitting tribute to the legacy of John Tiller and one in which I am sure John would be well pleased, and one that WDS may be proud of having achieved so much in a short period of time.

Answer: Thank you for the kind words. John was certainly prolific and we hope we can maintain the pace going forward.


ALAN SHARIF                                     And then they were One!

What you have achieved in just one year is incredible and exceeded any expectations I may have had. Thank you so much for all you do, especially Little Big Horn, a welcome gift from a game series I feared was being neglected. You are easily my favourite Wargame company, and any gaming cash I have is heading straight to you.

Answer: Thank you! We really appreciate the support from all.


PAUL SANDERS                                 And then they were One!

WDS is my dream company. I first programmed a computer in Fortran in 1972. In the back of my mind was always some kind of crazy idea that John Tiller realized. Congratulations on your first anniversary, WDS!!


MIKE DAVIES                                     And then they were One!

It’s been a great year, and another fantastic update. Very excited about the Little Big Horn release


RICK EISELE                                         And then they were One!

I see great things are happening. I have turned on two of my friends that have purchased your games. I believe you’re the first to put out a PC game on Little Big Horn. Any updates for the Vietnam games coming. I hope your Company will decided to go over on Steam.

Answer: We really appreciate both you and your friends support through purchases. This will go a long way to allowing us to continue to publish the titles you all want.

As far as Vietnam updates. There will be a free Modern Campaigns demo; Quang Tri ’72 and there is a lot of work underway on Squad Battles which was originally launched with two Vietnam titles (Vietnam & Tour of Duty). We are focused on the East Front titles currently, but will get to the Vietnam titles in the course of time.


JR                                                            And then they were One!

Little Big Horn is great, psyched about an Early American Wars title that covers the Indian Wars.

Good show!


PHILIPPE                                              And then they were One!

Christmas time…


CHRIS BADE                                        And then they were One!

Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


MAX FROM SWEDEN                     And then they were One!

Happy birthday, WDS! And thank you guys for your hard work, your excellent customer service and the fact that you remain in touch with and listen to your fans, players and customers!



ALAN WOODS                                   And then they were One!

Great news from a great company. Like that the PzC series is being updated and the MAP series is getting some attention as well.


EGON                                                    And then they were One!

Happy Birthday and congratulations! (On the 80th anniversary of Operation Uranus)

Answer: So, it is! I hadn’t noticed that association with Stalingrad previously.


MICK                                                     And then they were One!

Outstanding guys outstanding.

You have surpassed yourselves again.


ALLAN                                                   And then they were One!

Wonderful work and news!


JOHN COLLINS                                   And then they were One!

Thanks fellas and congrats!


BART                                                     And then they were One!

Thanks for the freebies! I appreciate how well you’ve handled the difficulties of the past year and the support you give us. Happy Birthday to everyone at WDS!


KEN BYNUM                                      And then they were One!

Wow, early Christmas! Three free games, including one (Williamsburg) set in my favorite period. You folks are carrying the torch that I feared had been dropped. You make historical simulations that are both educational and entertaining, rather than just “wargames”.

Happy birthday, and many happy returns.


SHAWN                                                              And then they were One!

I’m intrigued. Is there somewhere in a WDS game to actually get a graphic display of the OOB with Unit Panels, as you’ve depicted in the “Little Big Horn” description? Am I missing something here or have you just done it for this page?

Answer: Yes, it is included in game as a PDF file called LBH_Visual_OOB. You can also download it from this link.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year, we really appreciate it. We will continue to answer your questions as best we can.


  • Francis from Belgium

    Many thanks to the team for your efforts. The new graphics for Napoleonic games are fantastic !!!.
    Should you have time available… I know not easy, could I suggest a coverage of the French-Prussian war 1870-1871 and or French-Austrian war in Italy 1859. Huge potential for campaigns, famous battles and a lot of manoeuvre/what if.
    Best wishes for the very busy upcoming year.

  • William L Dokey

    Any consideration towards developing a set of historical-based hybrid Panzer Campaign series style Korea 1950-51 simulations starting with the initial North Korean invasion followed by the Defense of the Pusan Perimeter and then the Inchon Landings resulting in the subsequent advance to the Yalu River ending with the massive Chinese-led counter-offensive back towards Seoul and beyond. The scope is certainly large enough to warrant three linked simulations much the linked Modern Campaign Series set for the 1985-based NATO-Warsaw Pact theater engagement but this time in sequence. I know it’s a big ask but there certainly interesting possibilities here to consider. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Just wondering if there’s going to be a year end/Xmas sales this year?

  • Sam

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the big France ‘40 update since it was announced, but now I’m even more curious to see how it plays given the digital ink spilled over the morale changes for French units. I must say I have my own reservations, only one way to see how it all works out!

  • Robert Ruppert

    YES YES YES How I wished for ‘better’ all purpose highlighting. Choosing different colors always runs afoul of terrain, weather or unit colors BUT NOW your Alternative Highlight is SUPERB!

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