First World War Campaigns & Modern Campaigns 4.03 Updates

Hello everyone,

With the recent release of the Panzer Campaigns - Western Front Updates, we are continuing the process of upgrading the Panzer Campaigns, First World War Campaigns and Modern Campaigns series to version 4.03.

Available now are the 4.03 updates for all three titles in the First World War Campaigns series and all six titles in the Modern Campaigns.

A further explanation on versions. Our version numbers are aligned with the version of the game code. This reflects new features, other enhancements or bug fixes to the core software. Data or scenario fixes are not sufficient to warrant a new version number, but we align the release of data changes with an engine release.

We mention this as for many of the titles we are jumping from version 4.01 to version 4.03. Version 4.02 was rolled out with both Panzer Campaigns France ’40 and the Modern Campaigns series and subsequent issues found justified updating the engine to version 4.03. All previous enhancements from 4.01 and 4.02 will be included in 4.03.

Today, we are updating the following nine titles:

For all titles these are primarily engine updates, though a number of small data issues have been resolved as well.

The First World War Campaigns series is moving from version 4.01 to version 4.03. The Modern Campaigns series had been updated to version 4.02 at the end of last year, hence, the change in these latest patches being less extensive.

For reference here is the Changelog for East Prussia ’14 showing what is being updated in the move to version 4.03.

East Prussia ‘14 Patch 4.03 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Added a popup warning message if Optional Rule – Programmed Weather is selected but no Weather.dat file is present.
  • Fixed a bug where advance after assault was not triggering wired hex side bridge demolition. Full hex bridge demolition was unaffected.
  • Restored the Next Stack / Previous Stack functionality. It had erroneously defaulted to Next Unit / Previous Unit.
  • Fixed a rare crash to desktop issue when range shading was selected.

East Prussia ‘14 Patch 4.02 Changelog

Not released

Bug Fixes

  • The toolbar last selected and used will now default when opening the game.
  • The tool tip for Next Turn is now corrected to Ctrl+N from Ctrl+T.
  • A bug where On-Map Results was off and Game Action Speed was above default, resulting in the AI hijacking the players turn has been fixed.
  • The Victory screen and anthem failing to show/play has now been corrected.
  • For the First World War Campaigns and Modern Campaigns the FWWC & MDC manuals will now load from the Help menu.
  • The ‘wrong PBEM password’ error message has been replaced to be clearer.
  • Corrected a bug where combat results were showing on-map despite Settings > On Map Results being toggled OFF
  • The Speed Change Dialog confirmation is now optional. This can be changed under the Action Speed menu under Settings.


The updates for these nine titles are now available at the First World War Campaigns Updates Page and Modern Campaigns Updates Page respectively.  Please do check that you are downloading the latest version.

If you don’t want to patch your game, you can go to your store account and download the latest 4.03 installer and do a clean install.

If you already have the Quang Tri ’72 demo, the patch should be sufficient to update, rather than ordering a new copy and key through the store.

We are planning to update all the remaining Panzer Campaigns titles to version 4.03 over the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for blog posts listing the updated titles as they are released.

Here's some screen shots from this round of updates. All can be clicked for full screen if desired.

East Prussia ‘14

France ‘14

Serbia ‘14

Danube Front ‘85

Fulda Gap ‘85

Korea ‘85

Middle East ‘67

North German Plain ‘85

Quang Tri ‘72

Thank you all!



  • Paul Walker

    Thanks for all the ongoing hard work.

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