Winter Sale Announced & Updates released!

Wargame Design Studio is pleased to announce our Winter Sale! It will run  from December 16th, 2022 until January 3rd, 2023 at 10 PM Eastern Time, USA.

All games that have been out longer than 12 months will be reduced 25% (to $29.95). Only two titles will not be included in that:

Rumyantsev '43

In addition to the discount per title, you can also take advantage of a further 20% discount if you make a purchase of $199.00 or more. To take advantage of this further discount you must manually enter the following discount code at checkout - BulkOrders - this discount will be taken off the contents of the entire order, no restrictions for any titles. See image below for clarification:


And since we're in the holiday season, don't forget Gift Cards! This allows the recipient to pick out a game and have it listed under their own account, so good for book keeping. Gift Cards do not expire, so they can be used during this sale, or at a future time. Visit this page to pick some up:

We have been exceptionally busy this year and the vast majority of our catalog has received updates since we launched back in November of '21. Some of them huge updates. Game series that have either had updates issued, or are planned to have them issued prior to the end of the year include:

Napoleonic Battles
Civil War Battles
Naval Campaigns
Panzer Campaigns
Panzer Battles
Modern Campaigns
First World War Campaigns

And remember, for all titles that get updated, the installers in the Store include the latest update, so no further patching is necessary. For existing owners you can login to your Store account here:


In addition to the above announcement, today we bring you new updates for 9 games!

Six titles in the Panzer Campaigns series:

  • Rumyantsev '43
  • Mius '43
  • Smolensk '41
  • Moscow '41
  • Moscow '42
  • Rzhev '42

There was one bug found post-release for Rumyantsev, so a small update of the exe's only exist for that.  Then the Demo and four other full titles are brought up to the 4.01 level. You can read more about what the 4.01 updates have to offer in our recent blog post, here. Updates for this series can be found here:

** Please Note** - There is an Update for the Demo too - so please use it rather than grabbing a new copy of the Demo from the Store!

And, all three titles in the First World War Campaigns series have been updated. They are receiving the same 4.01 treatment with new Toolbars, Action Speed system, file reorganization and other goodies.

Updates for the FWWC series can be found here:

We hope you enjoy the sale, and be sure to head on over to the forums to discuss your new purchases or get ideas for games you might want to pick up!



  • Konrad

    “Game series that have either had updates issued, or are planned to have them issued prior to the end of the year” – the updates for Panzer Battles and Modern Campaigns will not be ready this year, right?

  • Donald G Lazov

    Thanks so much for the hard work and excellent service you all at WDS provide! And thanks so much for these Panzer Campaigns updates!

  • John L

    Great News! Hoping Renaissance will be updated in the near future as well.

  • David

    Sorry, I mentioned the leader images in the changelog but of course they are not updated. We need to update the games OOB as there were no named leaders for the Soviet side. Expect that in a future update. Apologies for the confusion.

  • orkuqui

    Was the Mius ́43 demo supposed to have images of the leaders on HQ? Can´t find any. Is it really like that or is it a bug?


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