Panzer Campaigns – Pacific titles 4.03 Updates

Hello everyone,

After a hiatus due to a crash bug related to wired bridge demolition, we are back upgrading titles to the latest 4.03 versions.

The crash bug has been fixed and we have updated both new work and previously updated titles.

A further explanation on versions. Our version numbers are aligned with the version of the game code. This reflects new features, other enhancements, or bug fixes to the core software. Data or scenario fixes are not sufficient to warrant a new version number, but we align the release of data changes with an engine release.

We mention this as for many of the titles we are jumping from version 4.01 to version 4.03. Version 4.02 was rolled out with both Panzer Campaigns France ’40 and the Modern Campaigns series and subsequent issues found justified updating the engine to version 4.03. All previous enhancements from 4.01 and 4.02 will be included in 4.03.

Available now are the new 4.03 updates for the three titles in the Panzer Campaigns Pacific series.

The three Pacific titles are:

For all titles these are both engine and data updates. Both Japan titles have new default order of battles, with the Japanese infantry hard attack range reduced from one to zero. This brings these two titles in line with the values that were the default in Philippines ’44.

Philippines ’44 has a range of corrected order of battles as well as adjusted scenarios. The changes were prompted by our Japanese OOB contributor who pointed out that the Japanese tank units for the 2nd Armor Division were not correctly positioned and some reinforcements for the Leyte campaign were missing. These have all now been corrected.

In addition to the updated Pacific titles, the previously released 4.03 updates for both the Panzer Campaigns - Western Front Updates and the First World War Campaigns & Modern Campaigns Updates have also been rebuilt to include the latest game exes. The new patches are still named version 4.03, the corrected crash bug was not a big enough issue to warrant moving to a new version.

The following titles have revised 4.03 updates:

For all titles, these include the previous 4.03 changes as well a the new game executable.

The updates for the above titles are now available at either the individual product pages or at the Panzer Campaigns Updates Page, First World War Campaigns Updates Page and Modern Campaigns Updates Page respectively.  Please do check that you are downloading the latest version with the new 4.03 builds dated March 24th, 2023, or later.

If you don’t want to patch your game, you can go to your store account and download the latest

We are planning to update all the remaining Panzer Campaigns titles to version 4.03 over the next week or so. Keep an eye out for blog posts listing the updated titles as they are released.

Here's some screen shots from this round of updates. All can be clicked for full screen if desired.

Japan ‘45

Japan ‘46

Philippines ‘44

Thanks again for your patience!


  • David Yomtov

    Can a 4.00 game be patched up to 4.03 mid-game?

  • Kurt J Kozyra

    Thanks for quickly quashing the Bug in the 4.03 update in France 40, you guys are the BEST!

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